Media Spins Obamacare Job Losses as A Way to Help Economy

Obamacar_600No, my title was not incorrect; the media really is trying to sell Obamacare job losses as a good thing for the economy.  CNNMoney ran an article with the title, “I’m Quitting my job. Thanks, Obamacare!”  The premise of the story is that people are able to quit their jobs thanks to Obamacare…..and that is a good thing.

The article tells the stories of several individuals who are “free” from their job thanks to Obamacare.  One such story is about Edward Perri, a grocery store clerk, who thanks to Obamacare is able to retire at the age of 57.  According to the article,

Had Obamacare not existed, he’d either have to try to tough it out until he qualified for Medicare at 65 or pay $500 a month for COBRA coverage. Instead, he’s paying $50 a month for a policy. And, as he sees it, the $450 that he would have sent to an insurance company is going to buy groceries, fix his car and take a vacation with his girlfriend.

Perri said that by doing this he is actually helping the economy because the $450 that he saves each month he will be able to “spend in the local economy, creating and saving jobs.”

There is a slight problem with his logic though because the $450 he is “saving” is being footed by the American taxpayer.  The $450 that he is “saving” is costing millions of people either the loss of hours at their job or the loss of their job altogether.  The $450 that he is “saving” is being put on the shoulders of young families who are working hard to get ahead in life.  Yes, it may make Mr. Perri’s life a little easier until he can get Medicare, but it sure isn’t helping the economy.

It’s one thing if the administration tries to sell these lies (who would expect anything less?), but when supposed media outlets sell propaganda for this administration – it is pathetic.  This is just another example that proves that the mainstream media is nothing more than a state run propaganda machine that spews out the lies the Obama administration feeds it.

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