Fired for Teaching the Constitution: Interview w/ KrisAnne Hall

0507Recently I was lucky enough to interview KrisAnne Hall.  She is a constitutional expert who travels around the country teaching the Genealogy of the Constitution – she is also a true patriot.  She started teaching about the constitution full-time after she lost her job as an attorney because of the fact that she was teaching the constitution to Tea party groups.  The information she provided me in this interview is invaluable and I believe that every American needs to hear it.

EV: When I read your biography, I read that you had been fired for teaching the constitution to TEA party groups. Was it hard deciding which was more important – your job or teaching the constitution? 

KAH: Even though my teaching was not interfering with my work – he [her boss] told me I could associate with right-wing fringe groups or I could keep my job.  He said that to teach about limited government was a conflict of interest for anyone who works for the government and he would not allow me to do that.  It wasn’t a matter about which was more important – it was a matter of understanding that if you don’t stand for your rights then you don’t have them anymore. So it became a question of which was more important – my paycheck or the liberty that would eventually belong to my son.  So I told him straight up you can’t have my right to free speech and I am not going to quit – so he told me to clean out my office.  I knew history and I knew that I had been teaching people if we continued to repeat history there will come a day when we will have to stand, as our framer’s did, for liberty and we are going to have to do it at the expense of our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor.  My husband and I decided at that time that this was our challenge after we had talked about it – we were being required, not just to talk about it, but to walk the walk.  I could not sacrifice my liberty, I could not sacrifice the liberty that belonged to my child for a paycheck.

EV: The fact that you’re doing what you’re doing and that you gave up your job is really commendable. 

Another question I have is recently President Obama has been making all these changes to Obamacare.  He has made something like 27 changes to it, now in regards to the Constitution – people keep saying that what he is doing is unconstitutional, but no one seems to be willing to do anything about it.  What exactly could be done about it in order to stop him?

KAH:  The issue here is separation of powers and the violation is in those separation of powers.  The executive branch does not have authority to write, overturn, or set aside law – that is a clear violation of the separation of powers.  That power only belongs to the legislative branch.  The problem with that is that the checks and balances set in place is the proper holder of that right.

The proper holder of that power is the legislative branch.  What Congress should be doing is simply standing up against the unconstitutional changes because the executive branch doesn’t have the power to change the law.  That can only come through an amended vote by Congress.  This changing of the law can get complicated, Congress can do a number of things – they can stand-up and simply say, and they have the authority to do this because this is their power and not the President’s power, they can stand-up and say these changes that you are making are unlawful and because they are unlawful we have the authority and we will not allow these changes to be enforced.

Then Congress needs to get the governors and say this President is acting outside of the separation of powers – he is using legislative power when he is the executive branch.  He is stealing power from the legislative branch and his power is being wielded unlawfully.  Then tell the governors that you do not have to enforce this the way it is being told – you have to follow the law as it is written then Congress needs to go into session and do an amendment to the bill as it is that would quickly repeal the bill all together.  This may not sound right but I don’t blame Barack Obama for what he is doing – because we know exactly who he is, he has always told us who he is, he wants to have power.  He is a totalitarian ruler.  Every statement that he makes – where congress will not legislate, I will regulate – if Congress will not pass laws, I will – I have a pen and a phone.  He has declared himself a totalitarian ruler.  The problem here is – we have a Congress that have allowed themselves to be completely irrelevant and completely impotent and they do nothing to protect their power.  Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution right now could end Obamacare and that power solely lies in the hands of the House of Representatives.

EV:  It could end it right now?  Just with the House of Representatives – not with the Senate?

KAH:  No.  Just with the House of Representatives.  Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to raise revenue.  They have the power of the purse.  The Supreme Court ruled that it [Obamacare] was a tax – they could shut it down right now.  Right now! Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution reads:

All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.”

See the President has nothing to do with this process.  The only part the Senate plays is that it may propose amendments, but that isn’t even a necessary part.  Our framer’s put Article 1 into the hands of the House for a very specific reason.  Article 1 Section 7 was not simply putting the house in control of the purse – it was putting the people in control of the purse because it is the people who are directly represented through the House of Representatives.

Through the House of Representatives they have an immediate redress of anything that they don’t like monetarily through the government.  The biggest problem with Congress is that they don’t know what their job description is – you ask a Congressman today what their primary job description is they will say national security.  That’s not true – their primary job description is defending the rights of the people, they are a representative of the people – not a representative of the federal government.  Ask what the primary job description of the senate is and they will come up with something representing the federal government. The primary job description of the Senate is defender of the 10th amendment – they are representatives of the state.  We have an entire Congress that does not know what their job is – they do not what the separation of power is.

EV:  Do our Congressmen want to be educated regarding the Constitution and their job descriptions?

KAH:  They don’t want to be educated because it would require doing things that are difficult. They have to do things that people are not going to understand because the people are just as constitutionally ignorant as the government.  See we are not a reflection of our government – the government is a reflection of the people.  We have an unconstitutional government because we have constitutionally ignorant people because we don’t teach the truth.  We are taught the wrong things.  It has been this way for generations – this is where we are.

EV:  As a citizen I think “we’re stuck” because we have President Obama in there who says he has a “pen and a phone” and he is going to do what he wants, then we have a Democrat run Senate, so the House of Representatives acts like it can’t do anything even though it is Republican run. Now you’re telling me that the house does have the power?

KAH:  The house of representatives is the most powerful branch and it is part of the most powerful branch in the entire government. This is the thing we teach wrong – we do not have three coequal branches of government – there is a hierarchy.  Congress was delegated the most power because they are the direct representatives of the people and the state, then the executive branch, and then the Supreme Court the least power.  Of the legislative branch the House of Representatives holds the majority of that power in their hands by themselves but they won’t do anything because they are afraid of political ramifications.  We have people up there who are terrified of political backlash so they won’t do the right thing – they are more worried about getting elected than anything.

EV: Even when people hear this and understand this – we still feel powerless because our federal government has gotten so out of control, so oversized, so bloated – we are scared of our own government.

KAH:  That is how you know we now longer live in a Republic – we live in a totalitarian kingdom.  Because when the people fear their government that’s when they have their power.  Our framer’s said over and over again that the only way we could maintain our Republic is if the government feared the people.  Our states have been bought out by federal funding.  The states are afraid to do anything because they will lose their federal funding.  The bottom line is this – the states have the most power.  We don’t even understand the hierarchy of the government – people have all the rights – that’s what the 9th amendment declares and the government can’t do anything about that, the people then delegate power through their rights to the government and so what happens then is that we have delegated the most power to the states.  Which means the hierarchy is people, state, federal – federal has the least power.  In fact the framers never intended for the federal government to be involved in the internal affairs of the people or the state – the state created the federal government through the constitution to be an ambassador of state and foreign affairs. All domestic affairs should be handled by the states.

EV: What you are doing is crucially important at this time right now and people need to know that they do have power.  Thank you so much for your time.

What I hope people take away from this interview is that we, as American citizens, are not powerless to fight back against the unconstitutional behavior being touted on Capital Hill.  The constitution gave power first to the people and then we as people have given power to the government.  We must use our power to take back the country that has been stolen from us – hopefully before it is too late.

KrisAnne Hall is available to speak and teach groups about the constitution.  Last year she spoke 265 times in 22 states.  Her presentations and workshops are always free of charge because she is doing this as a service to her country and because she feels like what she is doing is her sacred duty.  If you would like to learn more about KrisAnne please visit her website at

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