Common Core and the New Amerikan

Common-Core-PosterThe plans of the Progressives do not have to be crafted around the same conference table to connect together perfectly like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. That is because no matter the collective committee or individual mastermind, those on the Left have the same ultimate goal – the abolition of personal liberty in the name of the greater good of mankind. This is in direct contradiction to man’s nature and rebellion against his Creator. It seeks to fundamentally transform mankind by stripping away freewill in a tyrannical attempt to remake us according to the design of ‘the first community organizer’, Lucifer himself.

We are undergoing what some have rightly termed a silent coup as the Progressive elite seek to reshape us, rewrite our history, and redirect our future. Common Core is an integral piece in this diabolical puzzle. What picture will be created upon its completion? One that our Founders surely never intended and one which we would not willingly choose for ourselves or our children. These totalitarians operate under the god-complex delusion that they can recreate the world anew. Those who do not get with the program stand in the way of progress. But there is nothing new under the sun and the current schemes have all been tried before, and failed miserably.

The same scenes played out nearly a century ago in Soviet Russia after the takeover of the Communist regime. One historian describes this time:

The modern period was characterized by a belief that the world could be reinvented in light of the superior understanding provided by modern thinking. The communists were major proponents of this movement. The result of this ego-driven idea was that it attracted people who believed their understanding of the world was superior to a traditional view hewn from generations of experience. These self-involved types rose to power through sheer bullying and never had their ideas tested by real world situations until they came to power. The actual experience of their ascent to power taught them that truth does not rule but power does. They became confused about how the world works because their solutions worked on a short term. Killing opponents did eliminate the problem. They soon came to believe that they could define the truth through power and enforce it through oppression and propaganda.

The Communists sought to create what Trotsky termed “The New Soviet Man.” This would necessarily require a reshaping of the way society viewed the world of religion, economics, and politics in order to literally craft a new human personality. The older generations would need to be “re-educated” in order to ‘get with the program,’ and despite the propaganda and coercion, there could be little guarantee of success. Obviously, the younger generations that were just beginning the process of ‘education’ were the ideal specimen to target.

The Soviet political revolutionary environment was expected to produce a corresponding revolutionary transformation in the citizen. The science of pedology (literally “the study of children”) was championed by Russian educators such as V.N Shulgin who “was especially concerned with the child’s social environment and its relation to learning capacity, behavior and ideology.” Under his plan to reorganize the Russian educational system, Shulgin employed the use of the “project method” which was in vogue among Western educational theorists of the time, but in the Soviet context, the term took on special meaning. “The projects involved were not assignments for independent research but for work in political campaigns, the kolkhoz [collective farm] and the factory.”

Shulgin went on to describe his educational goals thusly: “We must accustom our child to construction and struggle, and that does not mean refined artificial struggle, but very real struggle and very real social construction. That is the center of social work. Thus achievement is measured not only by the sum of knowledge and skills but by the result of the work, by what is done that not only the school but society needs.” In the totalitarian system, the citizen is no more than a cog to further the engine of Progress.

In order to reshape the child, it was first necessary for Soviet educators to assess the child, and not just academically.  “Researchers studied the ideology of schoolchildren and the sex life of students, investigated living standards and administered professional aptitude and IQ tests. It was the heyday of questionnaires, quantitative research, and psychological testing.” The intrusive data collection that is part of the Common Core curriculum continues in this vein.

The ultimate creation of the New Soviet Man would not be accomplished by the teaching of traditional academics. ‘Educated’ in the traditional sense was not the end product these Progressive utopians sought to achieve. Today’s Common Core lessons that seek to divide students over politics under the guise of math instruction have their roots in these Communist education methods. “The Institution’s most startling technique was the method of ‘collisions,’ adapted from American progressive theory, in which the participants were offered a series of views on a controversial social or political question and asked to continue the debate. One such ‘collision’ suggested by the Institute was on the question of grain procurement: if one knew that a peasant in one’s own village was holding back grain, was it right to inform on him or not?”

Though these questions may appear to be open-ended and allow for honest debate, there is a desired ‘correct’ response. Young Russian school child Pavlik Morozov responded to the “collision” challenge on whether it was right to inform or not by informing on his own father. For this he was hailed as a hero and role model for Communist objectives and values. The new Amerikan citizen is being educated to embrace the same objectives and values and to reject our traditional religious and cultural heritage.

So what is the endgame of such an educational system? In 1925, Communist educator Shulgin prophesied, “In my opinion there will be no school at all in the future Communist society; the children will go straight into work in society.” If the masterminds behind such Progressive programs as Common Core have their way, the New Amerikan Citizen they seek to create will be destined to further the reality of the Utopian nightmare rather than having the freedom to pursue the American dream.

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