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Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.59.10 AMAmidst of all of the Superbowl commercials this year, there was one of a military veteran returning home from service to his girlfriend and his hometown.  A parade, cheers from neighbors and strangers with smiles waving American flags along the roadside of his hometown as this Lieutenant and his girlfriend responsible for the planning of the event alongside Budweiser Brewing Company, celebrated his return; a hero.  The commercial showed other veterans from wars such as Korea and Vietnam, but they were basically a side-note.

My grandfather and Uncle both served in wars for our country, but it was never discussed in our family or outside in public.  Back then there were no ticker tape parades, no hometown celebrations for them or others from that generation that they should have received.  Instead they got the silent treatment or worse, scorn and hatred, with many veterans being spat on, called “baby killers”, and not to mention the plight of homeless veterans who received no treatment for their PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and instead fell victim to addictions. We should have done better for their sacrifices.

In the Superbowl ad I thought Lt. Chuck Nadd deserved the treatment he received and God bless Budweiser for the idea to do so. I’m just saying we, as Americans, should have always shown this treatment to all our veterans–so I have a proposal and I hope you join in on the effort. Consider it a “pay it forward” concept if you will.

Here is the link to the website for the VFW’s and there you can click on the state that would represent where you reside.  On this site, you can send a note of gratitude that can be passed along. Can you imagine the joy it would bring to those men and women who have given so much for our country and yet ask for so little in return?  Also, consider getting your children or grandchildren to do artwork as a way to show appreciation for the services of the veterans and send those as well. You can also consider visiting your nearest veteran hospital and volunteer your time.  Don’t be surprised if during that time you share that the veterans will share a part of themselves with you.

I don’t agree with much of what our current president says, however Mr. Obama was correct when during a 23 minute speech marking the 50th year anniversary of the Vietnam War, he spoke of the poor treatment of our military vets.  “It was a national shame, a disgrace that should have never happened”, he said. I would have to agree.  Let’s just make sure that before it’s too late, those men know how we truly feel in our hearts and how much we appreciate them.

In my opinion, the behind the scenes video about the making of the Budweiser commercial is much more important than what aired during the Superbowl.    Please take five minutes to watch:

Michele Toth

South Carolina PolitiChick Michele Toth served as producer and co-host of a popular Fox News affiliate station WNRR1380 and still fills in regularly as guest host for the Austin Rhodes Show on WGAC 95.1 FM in Augusta, Ga. Michele has interviewed such guests as Ambassador John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Economist Peter Schift, and many more. Michele also has assisted as a social media strategist for political campaigns in both South Carolina and Georgia. Michele holds a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership and currently works as an Administrator for a large healthcare entity in Augusta, Georgia. Her articles have been seen on the Daily Caller and several other conservative media sites. You can follow Michele on Facebook and also on Twitter @mychel and see more of her writing/articles on her website chelholt.com.

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