breitbart-london-texas-logosSunday, February 16, Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, announced a major expansion of the Breitbart News organization on the Breitbart News Sunday radio program. Breitbart’s expansion includes new bases in both Texas and London.

Brainchild of the late Andrew Breitbart, the Breitbart News organization has seen much success and shown excellence in the new and developing world of new media news. The expansions into Texas and London begin what is slated to be just the beginning of a larger expansion. Potential additional sites include California, Jerusalem, Cairo and Florida for starters.

Brandon Darby, a once progressive activist turned FBI informant and investigative journalist for Breitbart, will now head up the Texas division of Breitbart News. The lead story on Breitbart Texas is an exclusive written by Senator Ted Cruz, “Don’t ‘Turn Texas into a Liberal Swamp.’”

Leading the London operation will be Raheem Kassam, founder of, and James Delingpole, author and former contributor at The Daily Telegraph and other prevalent news sources. Kassam also brings solid editing experience to the team.

Breitbart journalist Tony Lee’s Sunday article, posted on the Big Journalism portion of the Breitbart News site, announced the launch. In Lee’s piece, he outlines the full staff for each the London and Texas operations. Lee quoted Stephen Bannon as saying, “We look at London and Texas as two fronts in our current cultural and political war,” and goes on to say “There is a growing global anti-establishment revolt against the permanent political class at home, and the global elites that influence them, which impacts everyone from Lubbock to London.”

The New York Times quickly weighed in on the announcement, saying of the site, “Breitbart is part of a group of online conservative news sites that have sprung up in the last five years and are reshaping political coverage of Washington.” The Times also noted that Breitbart News now sits at the ‘49th largest global site in the news category, according to Alexa Internet’.

Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing a CPA license. She is a contributor for and operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

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