Is It A Boy or a Girl? Bathroom Bill Says, "What difference does it make?"

dsposdopdsWhen the stork comes to town, there is one most important question on everyone’s mind.  Is the baby a boy or a girl?  Next, is usually followed by a natural wonder if both the newborn and the new mother are in good health. But first and foremost is always without a doubt the question of gender.  Loved ones and friends want to know whether to buy pink or blue.

And so it begins.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

American life starts out with a flood of pastel pink or baby blue after we are delivered into the world.  Each of us takes our first breath as a boy or girl.  This is one of the very few facts of life that congress can pull no purse strings on and there is no group of which to lobby for signatures.  And no Governor, even someone who considers themselves sensitive and cutting edge like Governor Jerry Brown of California and his transgender bill can, alter the basic given facts of biology.  The factuality of testosterone and estrogen can’t be manipulated even by a Democratic Governor.  I know, I know, save your breath—call me a “mean Republican”—but the factuality of gender is not an opinion and has been and will continue to be timeless.

Look, I get it.  The year is 2014 and Socialists are reigning in the White House like never before.  President Barack Hussein Obama truly is an historical President.  Nothing is private, manners are a lost art, words do not mean their definitions, sex is no longer intimate, Hollywood type’s think they are political scientists, mass shootings are a common occurrence, not only is the murder of unborn babies still legal but our President condones infanticide and most Americans do not even know what it is.  Single motherhood is glorified (Vice President Dan Quayle was right), successful citizens who honestly work hard and have money in the bank are villianized and we have a President that can’t produce his birth certificate.  Who knew?

Regardless of this vast and ugly scape to our land of the free and home of the brave, still and forever the materiality exists that if you are born with a penis you are a boy and if you are born with a vagina you are a girl.  This simply cannot be convoluted, no matter how hard fools will try.  Again, you can try to call me a backwards and close-minded Republican, but like it or not, this is worldwide common sense.

If I am reading the Gov. Brown’s intentions correctly, he wants to give students who are dealing with private personal problems concerning their sexuality a legal choice of which public facility to use while enrolled in the public school system regardless of their biological makeup.  (Rush is right; it is the “scruel” system”…)

How foolish is legislature that is supposed to be for the betterment of society as a whole but institutes the complete opposite effect?  This bill is pure and simple hogwash.

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