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Neel-kashkariSpartans vs. the Persians or Constitutionalists vs. GOP Establishment

It appears that Assemblyman Tim Donnelly will lead his Spartan Patriots against Neel Kashkari’s Persian RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) in the 2014 race for governor of California.

If you recall the story of the Greek Spartans vs. the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae, it is an illustration of the incredible commitment of a patriotic army—standing in the gap—protecting native soil and has become an example of courage against overwhelming odds.  History shows how a small handful of Spartan solders stood—literally—in the gap that led the way into the heartland of Greece against the overwhelming odds of hardened Persian elite forces.  The Spartans knew full well that they would not survive the onslaught of those overwhelming Persian forces, but sacrificed themselves to buy time for the Greek navy who, after a strategic retreat, was able to defeat the Persian fleet at the Battle of Salamis in late 480 BC.    Their hallowed sacrifice and commitment to their country is still remembered to this very day after two and a half millennium.

Today we need Spartan Patriots like California’s Tim Donnelly to stand in the gap against the Establishment’s Persian RINO army and the likes of Neel Kashkari.

The GOP establishment continues its desperate attempts to prevent the people of California (and America) from being in charge of their own state (and country) by consistently backing one establishment candidate after another—only to leave the Progressive (socialist) in charge.

We anticipate Kashkari will announce his intentions today to run for governor of California.

Who is Neel Kashkari? 

Supported the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2007

  • Forty years old
  • Lives in Orange County, California
  • Personal Assets are close to $5 million
  • Former Goldman Sachs executive
  • Former Interim Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability (2008 -2009)
  • Most notably known for administering TARP (i.e., taxpayer bailout!)
  • Seeks to build image as a Republican Fighting for the poor

You might recall that TARP was supposed to be the answer to the financial crisis, particularly the subprime mortgage crisis that preceded it.  It started under the last two years of George W. Bush’s administration when the Democrats had control of Congress.

TARP financially brought America to its knees—now Mr. TARP wants to run for governor of California.

In 2008, Kashkari was grilled on Capitol Hill by Congressman Don Manzul (R-Illinois), in a hearing aout the Treasury Department’s use of government assistance funds in the bailout plan.

Manzull asked Kashkari why a failed company (AIG) that was bailed out with taxpayer dollars was permitted to give a $3 million bonus to an executive.  Manzull asked him if he would give the money back to the American taxpayers.  Kashkari responded by saying he doesn’t know the specifics.  (Good copout…)

Manzul lashed back:  “How can we be confident in your answers if you are not confident in your decisions?  …I don’t think you understand; I don’t think you understand at all the pain and the hurting that’s going on in this country or the people who are on the verge of losing their jobs…on the basis of your answers sir, I think you should step aside.”

Speaker John Boehner thinks he ripped the Tea Party, Mike Huckabee wants to ban the term RINO (a rose by any other name still smells the same), and shortly after Assemblyman Tim Donnelly announced his plans to establish an exploratory committee for his run for California governor in November of 2012, the President of the Orange County (CA) Lincoln Club issued this statement:

Robert Loewen, president of The Lincoln Club of Orange County, a group of conservative business leaders and political donors, issued the following statement regarding Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s announcement yesterday that he will form an exploratory committee to run for California Governor in 2014: ”Assemblyman Donnelly’s views on immigration do not represent the views of the Lincoln Club of Orange County, nor do I believe he represents the views of most Republicans or Californians. We cannot support Republicans who continually target immigrants, who are members of our community, as scapegoats for their own political advantage. It’s time for all elected officials, Democrats and Republicans, to stop dividing our state along ethnic lines and start looking for practical solutions to the problems that affect all of us.” 

His next sentence started with, “We as Conservative Republicans…”  Does his response to Donnelly’s announcement sound like it’s from a Conservative Republican?  That’s the Persian army headed up by a RINO raising its ugly head and preparing to charge the “border gap” that Donnelly, like the Spartan’s of old, is standing in.

From Donnelly’s website on immigration:

Immigration: As our border remains ever more porous, the costs of illegal immigration continue to mount. The legislature cuts our education and law enforcement budgets yet passes horrific entitlements costing us billions!

This is above all a rule-of-law issue. Instead of punishing those who have entered our country illegally, our state’s leaders have chosen to create greater incentives for this illegal behavior including free healthcare, free education, and now free college.

While the rest of the legislature was on recess, I spent my vacation leading the campaign to overturn the California DREAM Act, the bill that would give those illegal immigrants free taxpayer funded college tuition money.

In my first year in office, I introduced legislation to bring SB 1070, the Arizona Law, to California and stop sanctuary cities—jurisdictions that refuse to enforce immigration laws.

This year, Donnelly will be leading the charge to defend our native soil and leading the Patriots into battle against overwhelming odds.  The Patriots have defeated the RINOS choices for over inflated candidates in the past, and we will continue to defeat them in 2014.

Vote for the candidate who understands that many of us are on the verge of losing our homes.  Vote for the candidate who feels our pain, knows our fear and anxiety.  Vote for the man who personally lost his own business—a business that his father built—only to lose it to Californian’s “spend until you die” thinking.

That man is Tim Donnelly.  Donnelly is leading the Spartans against the Persians—the Constitutionalist Patriots against the Progressive Republican establishment.

Help us in our last stand for California and for America.  Stand with Tim and hold the gap!

Lainie Sloane

Lainie Sloane started her grassroots political activism as a Teen Age Republican (TAR) when she was 14 years old, helping her local College Republicans. In addition to serving on various local and state campaign committees and managing GOP Campaign Headquarters for two presidential elections, Lainie was awarded an Indiana Honorary Indiana Secretary of State for her extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to maintaining our freedoms. After she married Los Angeles native and former entertainer, J.P. Sloane, Lainie worked in management at Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Animation and assisted in the development and start-up of a retro record label with Dick Clark Productions and Brown Sugar Productions. Recently, her political activities consisted of being on the leadership team for California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly's gubernatorial campaign and co-hosted a Blog Talk Radio Show, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. She resides in Southern California with her husband, Dr. J.P. Sloane and their daughter, Shannon Sloane, where she is a music publishing business consultant and works as an insurance broker and assists her husband, Dr. Sloane, in the final editing stages of his book, The God of the Bible Is Not Allah, a condensed three-volume course exposing Islam, including select surahs from the Koran in a parallel Bible-Koran format. Lainie can be contacted at and on Twitter @LainieSGP.

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