Bridge-Gate VS. Media Bias

my-photoAlmost immediately after incriminating e-mails were released about the intentional closing of the George Washington Bridge, N.J. Governor Chris Christie fired the aide responsible.  At a press conference on Thursday, Christie was humble and apologetic, speaking for over one hundred and fifteen minutes.  He covered every topic possible, from how “straightforward” he is and about how close he is with his staff to defending charges that he is a bully.  (When previously asked by a reporter if he is a bully, Gov. Christie called him the reporter an ‘idiot’…)

Meanwhile, Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell has gathered some interesting numbers regarding Bridge-Gate vs. Other Scandals.  To say the least, it comes out a little lop-sided.

Bozell told Neil Cavuto,

[I]t really goes to show you how out of control this left wing so-called news press is…. Nine reports on ABC, 12 reports on CBS, NBC had 13 reports. That’s a tsunami. Now, let them defend it by saying this is an important issue. Okay. But you look at the IRS scandal and you see that since, since July of 2013, there has been a total of two minutes and 38 seconds devoted to the scandal, with one development after another after another on this, which is completely untouched by the same media who believed they need to spend two days worth of non-stop coverage on Chris Christie.

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