Benghazi-Oh yes-It Does Matter!

hillary-thenandnowOn September 11, 2012 Ambassador Chris Stevens, Navy Seals Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and another American, Sean Smith were brutally murdered as extreme Libyan Muslim Terrorists attacked the American Embassy in Libya. After the attack on Benghazi, President Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, then UN Advisor were all citing an anti-Muslim video and spontaneous demonstration is what prompted the attack in Benghazi.

 Obama spoke from the Rose Garden on September 12, 2012 downplaying this atrocity and declaring he will find out who did this and punish them. Moments after this paltry speech as 4 dead Americans were lying in a morgue and their families were left without the truth of exactly what happened to their loved ones our President leaves to attend a fundraiser within 24 hours of the attack in Benghazi.

Obama wanted everyone to believe that Al-Qaeda had been defeated and Terrorists were on the run because Osama Bin Laden had been killed. After all how would this horrific tragedy and the events leading up to Benghazi and immediately after play out for his campaign? Lies and deceit were imperative to expand his narrative about defeating Al-Qaeda.

On January 13, 2014 Fox News reported that 450 pages of previously Classified Documents and transcripts surrounding Benghazi have become Declassified and released.

It has been over a year and as of this writing nobody has been charged in this crime, either in Libya or the Obama Administration. As a matter of fact, Susan Rice has been promoted to National Security Advisor, it is rumored that Hillary Clinton may be running for President in 2016 yet when she was being questioned by Congress about what happened in Benghazi her reply was “What does it matter”?  Obama denied any complicit knowledge of the facts and truths that are now being released. Nixon was impeached for lying and nobody died.

It was made very clear during both the Congressional hearings and the information contained in the Declassified reports that within minutes after the attack, both Generals Ham and Dempsey along with Leon Panetta, then United States Secretary of Defense (2011-2013) had knowledge that this was an attack carried out by Al-Qaeda and that information had been relayed to the White House pretty much immediately. Yet, Obama, Clinton and Rice continued to perpetuate the lies to spite knowing the truth a short time after it occurred.

We need to remember that when Chris Stevens, Ambassador asked for extra security in Benghazi it was denied. We need to remember that during the attack no help was sent and our forces were told to stand down. We need to hold those accountable that very easily lied and deceived not only Americans but the grieving families of those lost in Benghazi about the details.  I hardly doubt there will be any consequences for the many lies that were told surrounding Benghazi, nobody will get impeached, nobody will be fired. This administration runs wild and never faces consequences for any high crimes regardless of their nature–Fast and Furious, IRS Targeting Conservative groups and the NSA spying scandal to name a few.  The only consequences we can hope to impose for the horrendous and violent end to the lives of the Benghazi 4 is to punish those involved in the Polls because sadly I doubt it will happen any other way…

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