Another Obama Slap in the Face, Hawaiian-Style

obama-vacation-homeMost Presidents and their families take vacations during their presidency.  Many would say President GW Bush went on too many trips to his personal ranch in Texas.  But the Obama family has taken presidential vacationing it to  extraordinary new heights.  During their 5 years in the White House, the Obamas have racked up many millions—and probably billions–of our tax paying dollars for exotic vacations to Africa, Spain, Ireland, etc.  The Huffington Post reported their African vacation alone cost taxpayers approximately $100 million, and the Hawaii Reporter stated that their 2012 Hawaiian vacation cost around $4 million.

The President and his family have full use of Camp David for vacations, but apparently that is not good enough for the ‘King and Queen’ of America.  Exclusive (elitist, expensive) resorts are what the Obamas seem to favor, accompanied by all their staff and servants to cater to their every whim.  Of course, the United States has over a 17 trillion dollar debt as I write this, but the Obamas seem to have no conscience about adding even more millions to our debt.

According to NBC News, Obama did his recent Weekly Address on day 15 of his Hawaiian vacation in which he blamed Congress for not extending unemployment benefits.  Strangely, and without a trace of irony, he also got in a little dig about Congress being on vacation…

Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire

His conduct resembles that of a Dictator–“Do as I say, not as I do”.  I wonder if he was wiggling his toes in that beautiful silky Hawaiian sand during this interview? Where was Michelle?  Perhaps she was on a chartered sailboat perusing the islands as her servants fanned her, or maybe she was in a salon primping?

If Obama was overly concerned about the funding for unemployment extensions, why didn’t he stay in Washington working with Congress instead of going to Hawaii for 17 days, vacationing in ways that the majority of Americans will never be able to afford? The Obamas seem to feel they are exempt from responsibility of the 17 trillion in debt, and I am sure if someone asked them if they think they should be on vacation during the economic disaster our county is in, they would say yes. (It is, after all, George Bush’s fault…)

Personally, I cannot imagine either Barbara or Laura Bush taking advantage of the taxpayers the way Michelle Obama does—or even Jacqueline Kennedy, despite her wealthy upbringing.  Can you imagine the public outcry had Barbara Bush insisted on taking multiple luxury vacations to Hawaii or Africa on the taxpayer’s dollar? The difference between Barbara and Laura Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama is Jacqueline and the Bush First Ladies had a conscience, class, and grace. They always demonstrated their love for America and were always proud to be America’s First Ladies.  President Kennedy and both Bush presidencies were never so careless and cavalier to take advantage of hardworking Americans; but that is the difference between Presidents and First Ladies that love America and actually care about the well being of our country.

Meanwhile the latest vacation news is that “Queen Michelle” has decided to stay in Hawaii for some “alone time” before her 50th birthday on January 17.  Most Americans celebrate their birthday surrounded by family and friends, maybe at a nice restaurant or someone’s home, but not apparently that’s not good enough for this president’s wife.

So Mr. Obama, before you blame Congress for trying to tighten the belt regarding unemployment extensions, ask yourself how many unemployment extensions could have been granted for the cost of just three of your many vacations?  Because your African vacation plus 2 Hawaiian vacations are estimated to have cost us taxpayers over $108 Million.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Hawaii…Willsomeone pass me my rum drink with the little umbrella in it and make it snappy. Oh, and make sure the peasants have plenty of pineapples; it is the holidays after all…

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