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Day: January 31, 2014

Awesome Tim Tebow Superbowl Commercial!

Is there nothing Tim Tebow can’t do???

NASCAR Driver Loses Health Coverage & Doctor of 20 Years

Yes, NASCAR’s Kenny Shepherd “liked his health insurance and wanted to keep it”, but like 5 million other Americans he is now facing tough (and unwanted) choices.  This is the January 31st...

Guest Writer Dr. Jim Garrow: The Inevitable War

It didn’t take long to establish the fact that the relationship that I had walked into with the school in Chongqing that was bringing us in to set up an elite “International”...

PolitiChick Lydia’s Oscar-Nominated Film Critiques: Captain Phillips (LOL!)

Pirates and Ships and Guns? OH MY! Hair-raising, nail-biting, unbearably tense, comical….whoops, comical? Captain Phillips, a movie starring Tom Hanks, recently received six Oscar...