Merry Christmas!

Nativity-29Once again Christmas is upon us and we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We count our blessings, reach out to those less fortunate, go to church, decorate our homes and gather around the hearth with family and friends. This glorious and wonderful time of year is special and cherished by millions of Christians. But it seems year after year the Atheists are out to attack Christians- Atheists claim their feelings are hurt because they are exposed to Christ mangers and houses decorated with lights and Santa’s. They are devastated and emotionally harmed because Christmas music is being playing in the stores. They write to their neighbors insulting their decorations, they start up little lawsuits against cities or towns that dare show a red ribbon wrapped on any pole or branch attached to a city property.

A family here in Newton, MA is carrying on the tradition started by their father 40 years ago by decorating their home and yard with beautiful lights, a Christ manger and a large Santa that lights up.  According to the news report the family received a letter signed from “the neighbors” claiming their decorations are in bad taste and that not all the neighbors are Christians that celebrate Christmas. The unmitigated gall and arrogance of whoever sent the letter is clearly representative of a person without a God or Spirituality of any sort in their lives. People that do not have a moral code to live by or beliefs in something other than themselves often exhibit this type of behavior.

Atheists have attached themselves to schools, cities, towns and our Government. They are ready at the helm with lawsuits.  I attended a Holiday Concert at my great-nephews elementary school last week.  It was quite evident that the Directors went out of their way to have the children perform and sing all types of songs and not one of them had the word Christmas in it. It was painstaking to watch and see the length the schools go to so that no particular ethnic group get’s their feelings hurt by the lyrics except for Christians that is.  It was a pathetic display of Political Correctness and Atheism.  What was most interesting is some of the songs were sung in Spanish, another song was for Kwanza and a celebratory tune for Chanukah but none for Christians…

Our motto in the United States is One Nation Under God. There are planes at all major airports leaving hourly to all over the world; do us Christians a favor and hop on one. Stop the whining, sniveling and frivolous lawsuits and go live somewhere else.

Another display of Atheism was quite evident at the Democratic National Convention held in 2012. A vote had been taken to “Keep God Out”.  Atheism has slithered not only into the highest office of the land-It has wrapped its blistery and bloody hands around our nation our schools and our children and society.  Unfortunately we don’t have to look very far to see the results of this Spiritual malady that has settled upon us.

As for me I will continue to celebrate the birth of our Lord, keep the true meaning of Christmas in my heart and let my little light shine…Merry Christmas!

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