I Would Do Anything for My Country — But I Won’t Do That

article-2495932-195006BC00000578-287_634x357In 1993 the artist known as Meatloaf scored a number one hit with the song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Most listeners of the song failed to identify the “That” of the title and this probably led to countless sleepless nights of lyrical pondering. After all, if it’s for true love, wouldn’t we do anything morally acceptable within the human realm of possibility? Alas, experience shows the ease in making the talk and the difficulty in following via the walk.

This, then, brings us to the current reality of our national nightmare. It is impossible to deny that we are in the midst of disaster. No one is satisfied with the status quo. Progressives hold faith in a future utopian impossibility that can be reached only by following their irrational plans to achieve unattainable goals. Conservatives seek to restore the common sense foundation that was laid for our nation when the firm guiding principles for its preservation were established.

Both sides vow to do anything for their cause, but only Conservatives add the caveat “but I won’t do that.” In all fairness, Conservatives are at a decided disadvantage in this battle due to the confining limitations of their morality. For them, the ends do not justify the means. They cannot proclaim campaign promises they know to be lies such as, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it.” They cannot steal elections like the ‘honorable’ Minnesota Senator Al Franken. They cannot take taxpayer millions like Acorn and its myriad of community-organizing spawn and buy voters. They cannot afford to bus in paid supporters like SEIU does to demonstrate at public events. They cannot control the biased message of the lockstep mainstream media and seldom can even make their voices heard. But, sadly, often Conservatives will not even leave their comfort zone to do the things that can (and must) be done.

Conservatives want proof and to hear a rational argument based on facts, experience, and history. They do not worship at the temple of the cult of personality. They are not fluent in group-speak and political correctness. They do not blindly follow a leader or an ideology. Because of this, they are able to think for themselves, arrive at their own decisions, follow their own intuition, and chart their own course of action. They have an independence streak that allows them to take an uncompromising stand against the rest of the crowd. But what is a clear strength can also be a fatal weakness. Conservatives are a self-sufficient army of one who will often fail to join forces with others who are on their side due to personality clashes or relatively minor differences of opinion. They also fail to use the appropriate tactic when confronting the opposition and thereby constantly lose battles that should be easy to win. This can make working with a group of Conservatives feel as if you trying to herd cats.

The Left know us better than we Conservatives know them. Both groups recognize the political philosophy, basic personality traits, and tactics the other side uses. However, the Left is able to predict not just the tactic and response, but is able to manipulate the Conservative into being their own worst enemy. Like Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football scenario, we walk into the same predictable trap over and over. And each time we fall on our face in defeat and disgust we decide it’s not worth the effort to even try again. This is what the Left counts on and is the reason they never give up. Even though we reject their destructive philosophy, we can’t help but begrudgingly note their determined tenacity is impressive and enviable.

The godfather of community organizers, Saul Alinsky, gave away the plan in his Rules for Radicals. Alinsky and his followers will do anything (even that, especially that) in their all-consuming quest for power. Lately, some Conservatives have begun the practice of “that” and the results have been awesome and inspiring. These Conservatives not only realize that Liberals act on the basis of emotion over reality – they are deliberately playing on these emotions in order to achieve victory for their cause. They are practicing “that,” yet without actually using the ends to justify an immoral means. That is a very tight rope to walk, but they are managing to do so successfully.

One such Conservative is Dave Wilson who recently won an election to the Houston Community College Board. Wilson had no chance of winning due to the massive amount of Alinsky-realities stacked against him. He was a challenger, not an incumbent. He was a Republican, not a Democrat.  He was a businessman, not a community organizer. Oh, and he was white in a heavily black majority area. Hmm, can we take a wild guess as to how the Liberals would play this? The only question was how long it would take the Democrats to play the race card. As it turns out, that card was thrown down on the very first play. Wilson’s Democrat opponent sent out a flyer defining Wilson as a right-wing hate monger and listed four reasons not to vote for Wilson. The typical Republican response to such an attack (and what Democrats surely expected) is to fall back on the defensive “I am not a racist, I have black friends” plea. But Dave Wilson didn’t do that, instead he did “That,” and he did so with amazing results.

Wilson’s campaign flyers featured images of black people smiling and messages such as “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.” Wilson also touted the endorsement of his cousin, who happens to share the same name as a former black state representative from the area.

Wilson’s campaign website features a photo of a group of black people while touting Wilson’s accurate record as a small business owner, founder of a non-profit school that teaches electrical training, a church member, and the father of a son who served in Afghanistan.

Most remarkably, Wilson ran a campaign radio ad featuring two black women discussing the merits of his candidacy.

“Have you been keeping up with the HCCC District 2 race?” asked one black woman in the ad.

“The one between Dave Wilson and Bruce Austin?” responded the other black woman.

“Yes, that’s the one. It’s the strangest thing. That Bruce Austin voted against six million dollars in scholarships for our children right here in our neighborhood… Girl, please, I bet he has relatives that could have used some of that scholarship money he voted against. I’ve had about enough of him,” said the first woman.

Now was Dave Wilson dishonest? Nope. Did he lie? Definitely not. Did he use the Liberals own playbook against them? Absolutely! Wilson proved you may not be able to fix stupid, but if you are smart you will use stupid to your advantage.

It has been more than two centuries since Patrick Henry proclaimed, “As for me give me Liberty or give me Death,” and a young Nathan Hale declared with his final words, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my Country.” Today we face a different enemy that uses different tactics. But just like our noble forefathers, we must be motivated to do anything for our just cause – especially that.

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