I Want My America Back!

man-is-not-free-unless-government-is-limited1Thinking is hard, sometimes, when the thoughts are sad, and the way things are seems to grow worse with every attempt to fix one more thing. The Fixer in Chief has finally stepped out of his disguise and revealed his inner socialist.  As if that were not enough to send chills up the spines of a collective nation of patriots, the alarms had been going off but were not heeded, because this was still America, Land of the Free. Our inner voices said, “Oh, this cannot be harmful, this will turn out to be just a small change. No harm done.” And we continued to think that Patriots were just what patriots always were: Freedom Fighters, carrying one of the world’s most honored and respected banners, The Stars and Stripes.

Was it in the dark of night that Patriots became radical terrorists, and no one had told us? When did I, an old retired English teacher, become an enemy of the people because I loved my country and didn’t hesitate to show it? When did it become some kind of criminal behavior to march in a parade, to wave the flag, and honor the troops who had put their lives on the line for me? When did that darkness begin to emerge that made me dangerous, and made the Millinials begin to find me an obstacle and not an icon of worth? This did not happen when the nation needed a generation of men and women who chose to stand in the gap, to be the front line between The Land of the Free and The Forces of Evil.

Looking into the darkness, I began to understand that there has always been the same struggle. It has been coming ever closer, almost since First Man and First Woman. That struggle can be seen as the same that occurs in the animal kingdom, the Struggle of the Fittest, the spoils changing hands time and again as the fittest changed, and the strongest rose, as always, to take control. Realizing this, my understanding clarified  my uneasiness as I recognized the inevitable progression of good over evil, then evil over good. To be repeated over and over, the urges to dominate had to be what allowed the cycle to continue. Each progression, even reaching back into the division of tribes of nomads, then settled communes, then great production of societies could be seen in the empires such as the Pharaohs, the Czars, the Huns, the Nazis, the rising and falling of kings and emperors and endless wars for dominance.

So, I have come to now, the days when it is America’s turn to choose. It is really simple, and looking back it is clearly the Lion King all over again. Who is fittest? Does America want to fall to the level of Normal after having been the beacon, the Destination desired by myriads of others wanting what we had: Freedom! No one to bow down to, no one to say come hither, or go yon. I want my America back, and I want it now!

Lou Ellen Brown

Lou Ellen is a 4th generation Texan. She taught high school 43 years in all 5 geographic regions of Texas. She is a Certified Lay Minister in the Methodist Church, and has strong ties to The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights and those rights are not negotiable. Lou Ellen taught secondary, 7th-12th grade, and some freshman college level classes in Texas schools, including English, Spanish, Speech, Theater and Civics. She was also girls' basketball one year. She says she intended to be a writer, "and my half-novel is still waiting, as is my book of poetry." Lou Ellen is very active in her community and recently completed her second term as president of the Sesame Literary Club. She is retired and participates in the Texas Retired Teacher Association, and teaches an adult class in the First United Methodist Church of Hughes Springs. Lou Ellen and her husband, Gene, attended a Tea Party bus stop rally where they were thrilled to meet and get a photo with Lloyd Marcus. "We are Republicans of the old fashioned variety," Lou Ellen says.

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