The Top Ten “Tricks (& Zero Treats)” of Obamacare

1380817_10151696488297596_696325306_nRemember during the 2010 healthcare debates when Nancy Pelosi told us, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”?  Oh, yes…me too.

Well, now that the bill has become the “law of the land” (as Liberals and RINOs like to remind us), and in its very painful implementation process, many Americans (much to their dismay) are indeed, finally discovering all those “goodies” that Nancy Pelosi had promised in 2010.

In fact, since the October 1st rollout, more and more Americans have been finding all those (not-so very) “goodies” Mrs. Pelosi failed to mention BEFORE Obamacare was forced down our throats (by Congress, the president, AND the Supreme Court). Here are the Top Ten Obamacare Surprises of October: 

  1. Obamacare Is Skyrocketing Insurance Premiums. Remember when President Obama promised us that Obamacare would lower our health insurance premiums up to $2,500 per family, per year? 

Well, it turns out that Obama’s “promise” wasn’t the truth at all.

In fact, for many Americans, insurance premiums are actually going through the roof. In particular, young people are being impacted by insurance increases. The Heritage Foundation reports,

Unsurprisingly, Obamacare brings increases across the board. The news is particularly bad for young people. In at least 11 states, the hike for a 27-year-old is more than 100 percent.

Our findings confirm that younger populations see larger percentage increases in premiums…A state that exhibits this clearly is Vermont, where the increase for 27-year-olds is 144 percent and the increase for 50-year-olds is still 60 percent, but far less. All states exhibit this relationship.

Avik Roy, contributor at Forbes also explains:

Obamacare’s bevy of mandates, regulations, taxes, and fees drives up the cost of the insurance plans that are offered under the law’s public exchanges. A Manhattan Institute analysis I helped conduct found that, on average, the cheapest plan offered in a given state, under Obamacare, will be 99 percent more expensive for men, and 62 percent more expensive for women, than the cheapest plan offered under the old system. And those disparities are even wider for healthy people.

That raises an obvious question. If 50 million people are uninsured today, mainly because insurance is too expensive, why is it better to make coverage even costlier?

Financial expert, Dave Ramsey, also recently described (on his syndicated talk show) how the Affordable Care Act would personally affect you.

“You are not exempt from math if you are a Democrat,” Ramsey said.  “You are not exempt from math if you are a Republican. You are not exempt from math if you are Liberal. You are not exempt from math if you are a Conservative…Your insurance premiums are going to go WAY up…They have to!”

Watch his video for all the details:

  1. Many Americans Are Losing Their Healthcare Coverage: Remember when President Obama promised us, “If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan… period”?

Well, turns out that this Obama “promise” is not the truth, either. In fact, many Americans are now discovering that their insurance companies are dropping them at the end of this year. Fox News recently reported, “More Americans reportedly are being kicked off their insurance due to ObamaCare requirements than are signing up for coverage via the newly launched health care exchanges.”  And from the Daily Caller:

The number of cancellation notices is far higher than the number who have filed applications for coverage on The administration recently reported that number at 476,000. The number of individuals who have completed the enrollment process is still unknown, but would be lower than that…Meanwhile, Kaiser Health News reported that insurance company Florida Blue sent out 300,000 cancellation notices. As the Daily Caller reports that two different insurance carriers in California sent out a total of 279,000 of those notices.

In fact, National Review also just reported that at least 500,000 Californians may lose their health insurance next year — and that’s a conservative estimate with the Daily Caller adding, “The same pattern is playing out in other states.”

Before we “cheer” the fact that Obamacare appears to be collapsing, the current disaster may ultimately drive us directly into a single-payer system (full-blown socialized medicine)…which is exactly what President Obama has wanted all along. But don’t take my word for it—listen to the president himself:

  1. Looks Like You May Not Be Able To Keep Your Doctor After All: Remember when President Obama said this, “We will keep this promise to the American people… if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…period”?

Hmm. Turns out that this Obama “promise” may also NOT be true. Besides Obamacare’s increased regulations (10,000+ pages of new mandates) that are driving up the cost of overhead (remember that many physicians are small business owners), and the decreased reimbursement rates that are driving many doctors out of business or into early retirement, insurance companies are now also firing doctors.

According to Fox Nation,  “In the midst of major changes in health care, United HealthCare has sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors…Termination letters went to physicians caring for Medicare patients…Those letters were sent out to doctors caring for ‘Medicare Advantage’ patients.”

Dr. Shaun Carpenter, 41, a board certified emergency physician in the New Orleans area, hasn’t lost his job (yet) but he does describe Obamacare.

“As a physician I’ve been opposed to Obamacare from the get-go,” Carpenter says. “It doesn’t begin to fix the real problems with our health care system, and creates new problems. I see it from both the private practice side and the ER side. In fact, we knew that when patients came into the ER without insurance they would actually get better care because we knew we had to run every test imaginable on them or risk getting sued.” The problem isn’t lack of health insurance, he says, but lack of health care.”

Carpenter continues, “Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you’ll get health care. Just ask anyone who has Medicaid how hard it is to get an appointment with a specialist. The wait can be several months, if you ever get in at all…That’s what Obamacare promised to make more accessible and more affordable.”

(Oh, and by the way, Dr. Carpenter is one of our fellow Americans who also just received the news that he and his family are losing their health insurance at the end of this year…)


  1. The Obamacare Website Is A Huge Data Mining Hub: Like your privacy? Then, may not be your cup of tea. In fact, according to Forbes, “ forces you to create an account and enter detailed personal information before you can start shopping.”

It’s rather interesting that you are required to enter all your personal information (onto the website) BEFORE you can even begin shopping. In fact, your personal information may even be held against you in the future. According to an article in the Weekly Standard titled “Personal Data Can Be Used For ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities”, “The site does not specify if “appropriate authorities” refers only to state authorities or if it could include the federal government, as well.  Neither is there any detail on what type of law enforcement and/or audit activities would justify the release of the personal information, or who exactly is authorized to make such a determination.”

And, why should we trust these Obamacare navigators, anyway? In fact, The Heritage Foundation writes:

While the data hub creates concerns that Americans could be subjected to electronic identity fraud, Obamacare’s “navigators” could subject Americans to in-person scams. HHS recently announced it was lowering by one-third—from 30 hours to 20—the minimum training time for navigators. As a result, individuals can be certified as navigators with fewer than three full days’ training—and few security checks. While guidelines regarding navigators released in July permitted states to establish “minimum eligibility criteria and background checks” for navigators, it did not require them to do so.

Because their job involves helping Americans figure out their insurance options, navigators will often have access to sensitive personal information—bank accounts, Social Security numbers, insurance identification, and more. Yet navigators will not be required to undergo background checks, and the process for filing complaints about unscrupulous navigators remains unclear at best. Even California’s insurance commissioner—a Democrat and strong supporter of Obamacare—raised concerns that navigators would put consumers at risk for scams: “We can have a real disaster on our hands.”

  1. The Obamacare Website Is A Complete Disaster. In fact, only 1% of Visitors Successfully Enrolled in Obamacare. According to the Heritage Foundation, “Just 36,000 consumers, or 1% of all those who attempted to register for the federal exchange, successfully enrolled in Obamacare.”

The disastrous website has led many experts to question whether or not it was purposely designed to create chaos when users log on. According to Forbes, HHS didn’t want users to see Obamacare’s true costs. Forbes recently reported:

A growing consensus of IT experts, outside and inside the government, have figured out a principal reason why the website for Obamacare’s federally-sponsored insurance exchange is crashing. forces you to create an account and enter detailed personal information before you can start shopping.

This, in turn, creates a massive traffic bottleneck, as the government verifies your information and decides whether or not you’re eligible for subsidies. HHS bureaucrats knew this would make the website run more slowly. But they were more afraid that letting people see the underlying cost of Obamacare’s insurance plans would scare people away.

Translation: they want to obtain personal data from you before you go into Obamacare “sticker shock”.

  1. Hollywood Zombies are Now Being Paid To Sell Obamacare. From Frontpage Magazine:With the White House’s blessing, the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Norman Lear Center, which has something called a “Hollywood, Health & Society program,” has accepted a $500,000 grant from the left-wing California Endowment to help TV producers condition the masses into supporting Obama’s Soviet-style health care program.


USC will aim to keep producers, writers, and directors up to speed so they can incorporate the latest information into their storylines. It will also generate public service announcements to match the TV shows’ storylines. 

  1. Obamacare Remains To Be A Job Killer: Obamacare continues to keep businesses from hiring and we are already aware that many employers have been cutting workers’ hours to stay under the threshold of the Obamacare mandates. This means that full-time jobs with health benefits are becoming fewer and farther between. Heritage Foundation writes, “This lines up with a recent Gallup survey reporting two-fifths of small business owners have held off on hiring because of Obamacare.”  Or as Heritage expert James Sherk summarizes, “For the next several years, Obamacare will also make it harder for workers who want jobs to find them.”

Not just today—the “next several years.” 

  1. President Obama Still Thinks Obamacare Is A Good Product. In his latest Affordable Care Act pitch, he claimed that his product “is a good product.”

First of all, that’s easy for him to say since he has exempted himself from it.

Secondly, he is completely ignoring the stories of individuals who are having their insurance premiums hiked or cancelled due to his apparently, not-so “Affordable” Care Act.

Dear Mr. President, I know that you are waivered from your own “good product”, but real people with real lives are being destroyed by it.

  1. If You Dare Criticize Obamacare, There Will Be Hell To Pay: Soon after the 2012 elections, President Obama’s White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett, said, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.” Well, she certainly wasn’t kidding.

This administration’s wrath is nothing new to the Tea Partiers and other Conservative groups as they have certainly endured their fair share of hell for opposing the president’s policies (including Obamacare).

In fact, Dr. Ben Carson “coincidentally” found himself in the IRS’s crosshairs RIGHT after publically criticizing the president’s signature healthcare law.

Now, even Obamacare advocates are also being bullied for questioning the healthcare law. Liberal, Fox News contributor, Bob Beckel revealed that the White House “absolutely bludgeoned him” because of his remark that “it makes logical political sense to delay (Obamacare) a year.”

Also, an Obamacare website operator, Earline Davis, found herself fired from her job after telling talk show host, Sean Hannity the truth about Obamacare. Yes, she was fired for doing her job! (Sean Hannity has offered to pay Ms. Davis a year’s salary for her inconvenience.)

  1. October Is Simply A Taste Of What’s To Come…Remember that Obamacare implementation is still in its infancy stage, and it has already proven to be the “train wreck” of the century (well, some call it a “suicide attack”).

Every day, more and more stories are flooding in of how the new healthcare law is: hiking insurance premiums, cancelling insurance policies, destroying full-time jobs, driving doctors out of practice, and burdening Americans with more and more taxes and regulations. This is just the beginning.

So, if these October “treats” are what Nancy Pelosi promised us, then we want to return this “trick” product with a full refund!

Sonya Sasser

South Carolina PolitiChick Sonya Sasser has conducted enormous research and has written numerous PolitiChick articles on topics such as: the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, the erosion of personal freedoms, the unique power of county sheriffs, the Constitution versus U.N. treaties, Benghazi, terrorism, Mexican drug cartels, and various political candidates. Sonya has also conducted exclusive interviews with: well-known gun rights advocate Nikki Goeser, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, OK Congressman Jim Bridenstine, N.C. Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell, U.S. Senate candidate Nancy Mace, Madison Rising's lead singer Dave Bray, and many other distinguished subjects. Sonya has been a guest speaker at the South Carolina Guns Across America rally and various Conservative radio shows. In addition to her efforts to save our Republic, Sonya is a Christian, a wife, a mother, a registered dietitian, and a fashion and fitness guru. She is infamous for being 'that chick who runs a lot' and loves sharing her fitness tips with others! Sonya is also the creator and administrator of Breakthrough Nation, a Conservative blog that reaches thousands of Patriots across the nation. If you ask Sonya why she spends so much time on the political battlefield, her response will most certainly be, "I do it for my children." She feels it is her duty to preserve and protect those precious freedoms that have been endowed to every American by their Creator.

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