Review of The Christmas Candle: A Movie (Hopefully) Coming to Theaters Near You!

10569Former Senator and 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has a story to tell you. It’s a Christmas story. Yes, you read that right, a Christmas–not the politically correct term “holiday”–story. As the CEO of Echolight Studios, Santorum wants to share truth through movies. In a Hollywood culture which is increasingly attacking family and conservative values, Santorum wants to change the narrative in our entertainment culture. On November 22nd a movie called “The Christmas Candle” will perhaps be in a local theater near you.

Based on the book by bestselling author Max Lucado, The Christmas Candle is set in an English country village in the late 1800’s. There is a legend in the town of Gladbury that an angel visits the village candle maker every 25 years and touches a single candle which when lit brings upon a Christmas miracle. However, with the new age of electricity the legend may soon come to an end. This movie stars Hans Matheson (Clash of the Titans), Samantha Barks (Les Miserables) and features singing sensation Susan Boyle.

I recently had the opportunity to view an extended preview of this movie at the 2013 Values Voter Summit and I am looking forward to being able to attend a Christmas movie that my whole family and I can enjoy together. If you are like me, it is rare to be able to find a movie or even a television show that the whole family can watch together. The entertainment industry seems to not only reject the values that my family holds but wants to change the narrative of truth in our own stories. Santorum wants to change the direction of this narrative and start producing movies that take our culture back. In his recent VVS speech he stated, “All we do is curse the darkness and try to protect our families from all the bad stuff thrown at them. Why are we doing that? We have the truth. Why are we playing defense?”

Through and Echolight Studios, Rick Santorum is not only telling good stories but he is encouraging all of us to help take our culture back. Imagine what the movie industry would be like if we put our money toward powerful stories that told truth messages like the real meaning of Christmas and the birth of Christ. How long are we going to let the so-called cultural elites shape art, literature and movies that don’t tell truthful stories or many times hide God from our historical events? There is power in the stories we tell and right now many of these stories are doing more harm than good in our society. The famous poet T.S. Eliot wrote in his Notes Towards a Definition of Culture, “Culture may even be described simply as that which makes life worth living.” I don’t know about you but I am ready to help take back an entertainment culture that rarely inspires a worthy life giving message.

To watch the preview of “The Christmas Candle” or to find out how to bring the movie to your hometown go to:

Julie Klose

Virginia Politichick Julie Klose is a freelance writer and blogger. Julie covers all topics related to US and foreign politics but is particularly passionate about social issues. She is pro-life and has interviewed different people and organizations within the pro-life movement. Julie has been featured on several radio shows for her conservative opinions. She is a contributing writer and content editor for When she is not dabbling in political writing, she enjoys blogging on her personal blog site at where she mixes it up about faith, family, and politics. You can find Julie on Twitter @thevelvetbrick1 or on her Facebook page The Velvet Brick.

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