The Obamacare Mental Wellness Quick Check

Obama-care-cartoonIn a touch of irony, Obamacare mandates that healthcare providers cover the costs of mental wellness checks. This was surely unintended; were mental illness completely eradicated, the Democrats would never win another election. Here’s a quick mental wellness check you can try out on anyone you meet, and it guarantees 100% accuracy. It consists of just one simple question: “Do you support Obamacare?” There are three possible answers.

Anyone who answers emphatically that they never have and never will support such a doomed, unconstitutional government takeover of nearly 1/5 of the American free market system, is untainted from any hint of mental illness. Those wise enough to see this maniacal scheme for what it really is – an attempt to exert government power over life and death decisions and redistribute individual wealth, as health care czar Donald Berwick readily acknowledged – are the only citizens truly mentally fit enough to vote in a political election. However, since the Eric Holder led Department of Justice is fighting against such common sense standards as voter ID, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this level of mental competency to be mandated as a requirement.

A person who answers, although I may have supported Obamacare in the beginning, I definitely do not support this fiasco now is to be congratulated and celebrated. This individual serves as proof that there is indeed hope for the mentally ill to be made whole and restored to sanity.

Many mentally feeble Obamabots have been rudely awakened and mugged of reality beginning with the October 1 kickoff of this train wreck. From former supporters, such as those to whom the President gave a personal shout out, to disillusioned union members, to Obama-loving college kids, all are now experiencing a “teachable moment.” We must not let this moment go to waste, allowing the blame and root cause of this debacle be shifted to a “website glitch” or “greedy insurance companies.” Those on the verge of recovery must take the final step and embrace the reality that this was a scheme that was doomed to failure and that government cannot outperform private initiative and enterprise. Sadly, experience is the best teacher – but it will often beat the crap out of you while imparting the lesson.

There is a third possible answer to the question, “Do you support Obamacare?”  The individual who emphatically answers in the affirmative is a stark raving lunatic. For your own health and wellbeing, get away from them as quickly as possible. A recent Rasmussen poll announced the startling findings that a full 38% of our fellow countrymen are still firmly in the strong grasp of this Obamacare mental illness. I had the deep misfortune of recently encountering one of these afflicted. Despite acknowledging the enormity (and perhaps impossibility) of the healthcare takeover, the concession that Obama “wasn’t as clear as he could have been” when declaring over and over “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it,” and the “messy start off,” this individual still doggedly held to the hope that somehow this will work – and we will all be better off for it. That, my friends, is insanity. Luckily for this individual, he can now get “free” mental health wellbeing checks – if he could only get through the online sign up process.

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