Why The Left (Still) Fears Sarah Palin

gty_sarah_palin_nt_110831_wblogFormer Governor Sarah Palin doesn’t look scary.  In fact she looks fabulous (which is part of the problem).  But to Liberals, she is scary.  Very scary.  Liberals are more afraid of her than they are the boogieman.  Equals to equals, the Democrats are as much afraid of Sarah Palin as they dislike Mr. Rush Limbaugh.  The thought of Sarah Palin ever running for another political office has them looking under their beds at night and sleeping with the light on.  The Tea Party in general has resulted in an economic lesson of supply and demand, because the need for pacifiers and security blankets have soared Nationwide as bleeding hearts are finding it hard to sleep at night.   Troubling politicians like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Alan West have the audacity to espouse The Constitution of the United States of America–and this scares the Liberals to death, too.

Why, you ask? Because The Tea Party wants us to keep The Founding Fathers conception of freedom–and the concept of freedom is daunting to a Liberal.  Conservatives disturb Liberals to their core because they know we are right.  Our belief in self-responsibility and our refusal to drink President Obama’s Kool-Aid is seeping into their brains at night, causing good dreams to go south.  Political scientists, professors, politicians, talking heads and the media with left leanings are trembling with dread over the popularity of constitutionalists like Sarah Palin.  They can’t understand why someone so ‘stupid’ can be so popular.  Sarah Palin is not stupid; she is right.   The Tea Party is scary because they are right.  Conservatives institute verbiage that is consistently sound and political models that are designed for success.

We are still a comparatively young country but as the years add up, they put proof in our pudding.  No matter how many inapplicable and inappropriate names the ‘all loving and all-encompassing compassionate Liberals’ want to call us… they cannot back up their ideology with any positive results.  Their ludicrous model of big government has never functioned and never will.  Just look now at the fifty Unites States and note for your selves which ones have more employment, less crime and corruption, better education and happier safer citizens.  For the most part it is the municipalities with scary Conservative leaders.

In reality Republicans and Tea Partiers are not the frightful people living in the United States.  They by far and large are the citizens.  For example, if you will.  Throughout the 2010 political jockeying for President, Americans flocked to hear candidates profess their intentions at grass root rallies.   Just take a look and listen to how democrats conduct themselves in public. And just imagine what they are like in private if this is their public best.   I most certainly will not be accepting any dinner invitations to their homes.  Talk about scary!  The difference in two groups of people could not be starker and is quite embarrassing for Liberals, as usual.

In October 2010, Politicks 24/7 did a fantastic piece comparing the behavior of Conservatives and Liberals in the “big differences between socialist rallies and conservative protests.” This one article specifically contrasts a get out the vote rally called ‘The One Nation Working Together’ with a Tea Party protest.  One Nation was paid for and organized by Unions.  They paid for everything, including the bus fare.  From Politicks 247:

All of the TEA protests in D.C. since 9/12 of last year, produced incredibly larger numbers than did the One Nation event…This exemplifies the enthusiasm gap that exists between the left and right as we approach Election Day. But another telling detail was the condition that the left wing One Nation rally and the conservative TEA protests left the respective locations of their events when they were done.

When the Tea Party crowd, which was much bigger in size, left the area, they cleaned it up so that it was in better shape than when they arrived.  Can you imagine? This kind of civilized behavior sounds out of place in 2013.  Now this, too, is scary:

Not so for the liberal rally though. After their small group of dedicated socialists left the Mall, it was strewn with litter ranging from hate filled pamphlets calling for socialist revolution, to hand written signs blaming the President of two years ago for the Obama economy of today. 

The difference here measures the mindset of the two different groups. The conservative based TEA activists, who want less government control, took it upon themselves to be clean and clean up after themselves. The union based liberal establishment which is demanding that government do more and control more of our lives, disrespectfully discarded their waste on the ground of wherever they stood and left it behind to be cleaned up by ‘government‘. But what these callous, careless and thoughtless group of paid, hypocritical hacks neglected to realize was that the mess they were leaving for the government to clean up was actually being done so by their fellow workers of America and unionized public service workers.

The situation exemplifies the thinking behind each ideology. One ideology seeks to be respectful and decent as they act responsibly. The other side acts with irresponsible disregard for others and a despicably disrespectful. One side, the conservative side, cleans up, while the other side, the liberal side, leaves a mess behind. For me, the symbolism is a powerful reference to not only how divergent the Democrat and Republican ideologies are, but of which one offers a better model for success in America.

The rhetoric of the Left is that the Right wants to go back in time.  This has grown mundane and is not succeeding at their aim, which is to quiet the scary Tea Party politicians and to intimidate the older generation of the GOP.

The GOP needs to realize that cow towing to the basic platform of the bleeding heart is not the way to win a Presidency.  The path to victory is clear.  Listen to the Tea Party and go back to basics not back in time.  A Tea Party Caucus is not the way to go unless nervous old timey Republicans are going to come on board.  If not, I suggest taking the high road for the party and retire.  Because like it or not, The Tea Party is much more on course of our Founding Fathers and what ‘We The People’ want.

It is simple as one- two-three.  The Tea Party formed out of a need for Republicans to stay conservative, born out of opposition to the now infamous “Affordable” Care Act.  (Excuse me while I reach for an airsick bag…)  The Tea Party would rather lose each and every election than do something as silly and mind boggling as become more centrist.  The key to the oval office will be ours again when all Republicans become as “scary” as Sarah Palin.

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