Knockout Game (Aka Hate Crime) Nothing New

knockout-gameThe mainstream media, once again late to the party, is finally waking up to the popular urban pastime, the Knockout Game. Well, at least a little bit. FOX News is talking about it, and some local affiliates of the mainstream stations are reporting about it, especially if it is happening in their area. The problem is that this “new phenomena” is not so new and has been around for at least a couple of years.

The Knockout Game is played by urban teens who get a point if they are able to take out an unsuspecting passer-by with one punch. These attacks are often videotaped and can be found on You-Tube. The sucker punch causes serious injuries and even death for some victims. If the attacker is not able to knock out the victim, he and his posse often attack the victim, beating him severely and robbing him (or her.)

The mainstream media (if they are reporting it at all) are treating this phenomenon as something new, but it has been around for at least a couple of years. Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot: the Return of Racial Violence to America, described the game in his book in 2011. What has changed is that the media, to some extent, is taking notice.

What the mainstream media are loath to do, however, is to point out the racial aspect of this game. The Knockout Game is largely a Black on White crime, although there have been some reports of Hispanic teens joining in. In New York City, officials are concerned about the game that has morphed into “Knock Out the Jew,” where Black teens are targeting people in Brooklyn who are wearing traditional Jewish clothing. In most articles, the race of the attackers is not mentioned at all or it is left until late in the article. By looking at the pictures or by Googling “Knockout Game” on YouTube, readers can see who is involved and that it is very much a Black on White crime.

Sadly, it is considered racist to note the obvious. If anyone points out that Black teens are attacking random White people, then that person risks being called a racist. In Flaherty’s book, he tells about his readers who e-mailed local reporters, asking why they did not cover the incidents of Black on White crime. They also gave the reporters information from Flaherty’s website. Clem Richardson of the Daily News responded, “And you believe this?” “Keith W. Kohn, the Assistant Long Island Editor at Newsday, wrote back: ‘I don’t cover NYC and your site appears to dwell on racist coverage. Not interested.’”

Fortunately, the police are not so reticent. These incidents are not “high-spirits” or the result of “boredom;” they are assault, pure and simple, or perhaps even attempted murder. The police are not afraid to point out that a portion of urban Black teens is interested in assaulting Whites and Jews just for the fun of it.

And they are having fun!  And they aren’t just attacking isolated individuals every time. Black on White mob violence is becoming more and more common. As Thomas Sowell notes, “[D]espite such pious phrases as ‘troubled youths,’ the attackers are often in a merry, festive mood. In a sustained mass attack in Milwaukee, going far beyond the dimensions of a passing ‘knockout game,’ the attackers were laughing and eating chips, as if it were a picnic. One of them observed casually, ‘white girl bleed a lot.’” (Hence the name of Flaherty’s book.)

Police are warning students around campuses in the Northeast to be aware of their surroundings and the possibility of attacks related to the Knockout Game. They also are reporting that incidents of the game are popping up all over in various urban areas, including New York, DC, Pittsburg, and Hoboken, where 46 year-old Ralph Santiago died after his head was slammed into an iron fence. In Champaign, IL, the game is called Polar Bear Hunting. Tell me that isn’t racial.

If the situation was reversed, and White teens were attacking middle-aged Black men and old Black ladies, the media would be in an uproar. Like Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old Marvell Weaver chose the wrong victim in Lansing, MI., when he attempted to tase (rather than punch) a father waiting at the bus stop for his daughter. The Taser malfunctioned and it turns out that Dad was a concealed carry permit holder. He shot his attacker twice, and Weaver subsequently admitted “to previously knocking out six or seven people” on other days before targeting the man who shot him. He said being shot by the father was ‘a lesson learned.’ Unfortunately for Trayvon Martin, and for all of us, really, Martin did not survive his lesson. Instead, the media has anointed him as a martyr to White racism. And Weaver? He was sentenced to a year in jail for his participation in the Knockout Game.

Despite what Oprah says, the racial problems we are suffering in our country are not driven only by White racism. Many Black children are raised to believe that Whites are the root of all their problems, and some Black teenagers are acting on that prejudice. The media contributes by pointedly ignoring any racial aspect of an incident that might reflect badly on the Black community. Fortunately, they are no longer the only game in town. With news available on the Internet, and videos of the attacks surfacing on YouTube, potential victims have no excuse for being uninformed. Like it or not, and PC or not, this is an ongoing behavioral pattern and there are Black predators out there, looking for unsuspecting people of other races to attack. Pay attention. And don’t trust the mainstream media to tell you what you need to know.

Katie Abercrombie

Florida PolitiChick Katie Abercrombie, native of North Carolina and a long-time resident in Florida, is a 20-year homeschooling veteran. Now that her four children are grown, she continues to indulge her love for teaching and learning by tutoring, substitute teaching, and teaching writing classes for homeschoolers. She earned her BS degree from Florida Southern College and her MA from Rollins College. BC, or Before Children, she served as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at her church and has continued to be active in ministry and leadership in her current church. Homeschooling afforded her many opportunities to be politically active and she recently retired from a term on the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. Like Katie's Political Page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @aberaussie.

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