Election Night November 2013: Bad News for Conservatives? Maybe Not.


Election Day 2013 has come and gone, and many of us are still reeling from the results.  Chris Christie’s victory was no surprise, but what was a surprise was the margin by which he won.  Bill de Blasio taking the New York City election also was not that big of a surprise, but it is none-the-less historic considering that New York City has not had a Democrat mayor in 20 years. The most disappointing victory and loss has to go to Virginia.  Terry McAuliffe, the extremely corrupt Democrat from Virginia, just barely squeaked out a win over conservative Ken Cuccinelli but regardless of how small the win was it was still devastating.

Virginia is seen as a bellwether state and could be predictive of the upcoming midterm election.  The fact that the very liberal McAuliffe was able to win over conservative Cuccinelli could be seen as very bad news for conservatives in 2014.  Another possible sign of bad news for conservatives is the fact that Chris Christie, a politician that many conservatives consider a RINO, won by such a large margin giving him a lot of clout heading into the 2016 presidential election.  De Blasio is as liberal as liberal gets and one might think after the ridiculous nanny state policies that Bloomberg tried to put in place that New Yorkers would be tired of ultra-liberal politics, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

While all of these outcomes could be seen as a bad omen for conservatives – I personally believe that two of these elections show dissatisfaction with the incumbents and a push for change. New York made a stupid decision by electing de Blasio, but what many aren’t looking at is the fact that because a Republican ran New York for so many years, the people of New York wanted a change, so they voted Democrat.  Stupid decision?  Absolutely, but it doesn’t necessarily spell bad news for conservatives.

Virginia’s race could be seen as a direct assault on conservatives, but in my opinion nothing could be further from the truth. McAuliffe won by less than 2.5 percentage points with the final results giving McAuliffe 47.7% of the vote, Cuccinelli 45.3%, and Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis 6.6% of the vote.  The Libertarian candidate, who was recently shown to have been bank-rolled by an Obama bundler, took 6.6% of the vote that most likely would have gone to the Republican candidate Cuccinelli.  Another interesting fact that came out of the race was the fact that Cuccinelli won independent votes by 9 percentage points.  Ken Cuccinelli winning independent votes is actually a better indicator of the way the country is headed than Cuccinelli losing the race altogether.  If Obama’s cronies had not thrown the race by making sure a Libertarian candidate was stuck in there to steal the votes from the Republican, Cuccinelli could have won by as many as 4 to 5 percentage points.

Republicans and conservatives are allowing the liberals to win for one simple reason – the division within the Republican Party.  Now don’t get me wrong – I do not blame this on conservatives one bit.  The conservatives are simply fighting for what is right and the RINO’s are intent on getting themselves elected – no matter what.  However, as conservatives we need to understand that, at this time, no third party candidate is going to win.  Are we getting to the place where a third party candidate could win?  Maybe, but not for several more election cycles.  In the coming weeks and months we need to focus on getting the right candidate elected in the primary and then regardless of whether we agree with him on everything or not we have to come together and fight to get him elected.

Liberals don’t care whether a candidate is perfect or not because they know that once they get them elected these candidates can be bought and bullied to force the candidate to vote a certain way.  The same has to be true for Republicans and conservatives (except for the bought and bullied part).  Many times there will be no perfect candidate, but that does not mean we can sit at home and refuse to vote.  Whether the Republican candidate is perfect or not doesn’t matter because many times he will be a whole lot better than the liberal Democrat candidate. That being said I must stress how important it is to fight for the right candidate in the primary because honestly we don’t need any more John McCain’s or Lindsey Graham’s.

Let’s look back at 2012.  Over 3 million Republicans sat on the sidelines during the election refusing to vote for Mitt Romney.  Was Mitt Romney perfect?  Not even close, but he would have been light years better than Barack Obama.  We cannot I repeat, cannot let that happen again.  This is our country, and if we want the changes that are so desperately needed we must come together and fight for our country and, unfortunately, at this time, the only way to do that is to get the right candidates into Congress.

Election 2014 is now less than a year away – the fight begins now.

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