what-does-the-fox-say-1378489657As BurkaChick, a typical progressive piker, I find myself socialistically stumped at the launching of the new Obamacare website. I had been anxious and all atwitter as the sign-up date approached with a noxious “neener-neener” to the Republicans who tried to stop it. I had even been distracted for a bit as the tyrannical Tea Party actually tried to represent their constituents in a shutdown. Then, after all the waiting, finally the Obamacare website date arrived, …and arrived, and is still trying to arrive. My all “atwitter” turned to all “abitter” in the hours waiting to get through. In my Liberal La-La Land even I had to admit, our supercilious Sebelius must be delirious. In fact, to all us voters who elected this White House and the new healthcare law, the messaging is the same: “The System is down”. Seems the site will take as long to sign up as it takes the GOP establishment to get some conservative cojones.

However, in my low information frustration, I became quickly distracted with more important issues of the day (since I had oodles of hours to kill waiting to get through). I had become enthralled at Britney Spears lyrics in her new single about the Republican opinion of Washington leaders refusing to negotiate, “You Better Work B—-“. Then I came upon the new Ylvis video, “What Does The Fox Say?”. It reminded me of our liberal rhetoric, incoherent but if you repeat it enough, it’s catchy. In fact, as I listened to the lyrics, it reminded me of the frustration I was experiencing with the healthcare website. In the beginning, it makes sense. I get that a fish would go, “Blub” and that “Affordable Care Act” sounds good. The pictures setting up the premise are eye-catching as well. People having a good time, much as the smiling pictures on the website.  In the video, there is a man seated on a sofa, being very dramatic and intense about the question he is pondering, much like the public wondering what the hell Obamacare will cost them. But as the answer is attempted (if you can get that far in either), the reaction is the same: “WTF?”. The ending of the Ylvis video asks the same question everyone who tried to access the website is asking: “What do you say?” and “Will we ever know?”. However, for us cocky liberals, when we discover what this new healthcare law will actually cost us and our country, the reaction will be the same as what the fox says (or as the seal would say: “Ow, Ow, Ow”).


BurkaChick grew up in the lovely town of Detroit, Michigan. She remembers a time when the city was booming because of the greedy capitalistic car companies. But now is thrilled the city has finally come into it's democratic own. BurkaChick says, 'Who needs a home or a job in this liberal paradise? All you need is one good bullet proof vest to live in this union-filled utopia!' BurkaChick's idol in her early teens was the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. She admired his fortitude in all things liberal, but was highly disappointed when Reagan came in and rescued the hostages in Iran after only 444 days in captivity. "What a show-off!" she was quoted as saying. She wanted to campaign for Jimmy's reelection, but there was no gasoline to get to his headquarters. Which was a real bummer since she was living in her car since the mortgage interest rate was at 22%. BurkaChick then went on to, well, she doesn't really remember much since she was wasted through most of the eighties and nineties. Today she is an avid fan of Obama's. She cannot wait till George Clooney remakes a film about the life of Michelle Obama in the Whitehouse called, "The King and I." She is a hugh fan of The View, Susan Sarandon, MSNBC, all things uber liberal and of course Occupy Wall Street. BurkaChick loves what Occupy stands for and has volunteered to help decorate their rape tents and paint all porta-potties to resemble police vehicles.

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