Rally for Common Sense: Together We Make a Difference

1376516_10151703799592832_199958120_nWatching the news of a government shut down, ObamaCare being implemented and the actual true stories that are coming as a result of the “Affordable” Health Care Act and being constantly lied to by our “leader” who has no respect for the Constitution of the United States or we as Americans, we can’t give up now–so PolitiChicks.tv has a request.

If you are in or near Missouri on October 12, or you have the opportunity to travel to the beautiful Show Me state, please make plans to attend and/or support the second annual “Patriot Field of Dreams,” with stellar speakers including PolitiChicks anchors Ann-Marie Murrell and Dr. Gina Loudon, former PolitiChicks Sonnie Johnson, Scottie Nell Hughes, Kira Davis, PolitiChicks producer Beverly Zaslow and many more .

Last year, more than a thousand patriots from Missouri and surrounding states gathered for this unique event, so by popular demand, on October 12, the 2nd annual Rally for Common Sense will be held in the “Patriot Field of Dreams.” Given the nickname by local Tea Party groups which have held small events here since 2010, this Midwest farmland nestled in the rolling hills of mid-Missouri provides a perfect setting.  Conveniently located just 6 minutes north of the state capitol rotunda in Jefferson City, and within easy driving of two airports, it naturally lends itself to a gathering of regional patriot leaders determinedly pursuing Life, Liberty and Happiness under the sun and blue skies and our feet planted firmly on the ground.

Gates open at 8:30 a.m.  Admission is free.

Please visit their website for location and other details on how you can be a part of America’s growing patriot movement.



Rally for Common Sense 2013
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Foundation for Common Sense

Lainie Sloane

Lainie Sloane started her grassroots political activism as a Teen Age Republican (TAR) when she was 14 years old, helping her local College Republicans. In addition to serving on various local and state campaign committees and managing GOP Campaign Headquarters for two presidential elections, Lainie was awarded an Indiana Honorary Indiana Secretary of State for her extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to maintaining our freedoms. After she married Los Angeles native and former entertainer, J.P. Sloane, Lainie worked in management at Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Animation and assisted in the development and start-up of a retro record label with Dick Clark Productions and Brown Sugar Productions. Recently, her political activities consisted of being on the leadership team for California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly's gubernatorial campaign and co-hosted a Blog Talk Radio Show, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. She resides in Southern California with her husband, Dr. J.P. Sloane and their daughter, Shannon Sloane, where she is a music publishing business consultant and works as an insurance broker and assists her husband, Dr. Sloane, in the final editing stages of his book, The God of the Bible Is Not Allah, a condensed three-volume course exposing Islam, including select surahs from the Koran in a parallel Bible-Koran format. Lainie can be contacted at Facebook.com/LainieSloane and on Twitter @LainieSGP.

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