Obamacare Sticker Shock, With Dependency for All…

sticker_shockWhen John F Kennedy won the presidential election in 1960, it was a lot closer than expected. Legend has it that someone said to JFK’S father, Joe Kennedy, “Joe, for all the money you spent, that election was pretty close.”

Joe reportedly replied, “I could afford a win; I couldn’t afford a blowout.”

Oh … such happy times. I now hold Joe Kennedy in the highest esteem; he bought the election for his son with his own money, while today’s elections are bought with our money.

Dependency is now being fostered upon the American public–paid for by the taxpayers and used as a campaign strategy for re-election.

To wit I give you the sticker shock so many are experiencing when trying to sign up for Obamacare. After spending some time on the Healthcare.gov Facebook page and reading the discouraged and disappointed comments of Obama supporters, I almost felt sorry for them. Almost.

Of course, that sticker shock only kicks in after they have taken the time and had the patience to set up multiple accounts on the Affordable Care Act website, (“affordable” apparently being a title and not a description), prove their identity, request multiple passwords, deal with frozen screens, being asked again and again to be patient, and entering personal information with no clue if the site is secure. If and when those steps are successfully completed, the applicant finds out the premium cost and whether they qualify for a subsidy.

What’s a subsidy, you ask? Depending on your income, your family size, the state in which you live, whether your employer offers insurance (and for all I know, whether it’s a leap year), you might qualify for a portion of your insurance premium to be picked up by the taxpayers.

(On a side note, why is paying a portion of someone’s premium preferable to paying for emergency room visits?  At least we, as taxpayers, know what we got for the emergency room visit:  actual health care. The jury is still out whether we will get any value for the money we will be spending on health insurance because there a big difference between health “care” and health “insurance”…but I digress.)

So we have health insurance policies which people are being forced to purchase–by law– covering conditions they will never experience, including pregnancy coverage for the post-menopausal and, of course, sex-change operations for all!  For most people, the price is higher than what they are currently paying and certainly more than what they want to pay–but not if you qualify for a subsidy.

How much you want to bet all of those people getting a subsidy are going to be afraid to vote for anyone other than Obamacare supporters out of fear that they’ll still be required to purchase health insurance (it’s the law!) but will lose the subsidy?

So American taxpayers also need add to their “financial handout list” those much-wanted, highly desired Obamacare subsidies…

When Obama first suggested Obamacare, the first question should have been: are you willing to pay for it by opening up your own wallet?  No, you say? Then why should I pay for health insurance for others by opening my wallet?

Anne Yenny

California PolitiChick Anne Yenny is the mother of four ranging in age from 24-18; three sons (oldest a 2nd LT in the Marine Corps) and a daughter. Both of her parents are from Scotland; she lived there for two years in the late 70s and has been back many times. She has first-hand experience with national healthcare and considers Americans for Obamacare at best dangerously naive. Anne voted for Carter in 1976 and says she has been "doing penance" ever since. When family members lament her conservative voting habits she simply replies, "it's amazing what 96 hours of labor teach you". Her husband of 26 years deserves the credit for the conversion from liberal to conservative--and best of all, he's never thrown the Carter vote up in her face.

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