Miriam Carey: DC car chase driver, ‘delusional’ (so says ex-boyfriend)

abc_atm_chase_131004_wgIt’s been over a week since Capitol police pursued a rogue dental hygienist in a high-speed chase through the streets of DC.  The profile that the public was given was one of a delusional, Infiniti-driving single mother who believed that the president was secretly stalking her – that is at least according to a credible source:  the victim’s ex-boyfriend.

The entire case profile of Miriam Carey is being based upon the words of her ex-boyfriend and other vague sources rather than by the character accounts from those who knew her best, her family.

“That’s impossible. She works, she holds a job,” said Amy Carey.  “She wouldn’t be in D.C. She was just in Connecticut two days ago, I spoke to her…I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t answer any more.”’

Yet it is the ex-boyfriend, who remains unnamed and unvetted, who reports that Miriam Carey told him that the president was secretly ‘communicating with her.’  Was the storyline too rich to pass up to scrutinize the source?  The profile was broadcasted by the media echo chamber leaving the tarnished reputation of a woman in its wake.

It is a fact that Miriam Carey sought treatment for post-partum depression.  But the notion that she thought that BHO was communicating with because her ex-boyfriend said so is nonsensical.  What is more nonsensical is that the media ran with it.  Carey’s sisters patently deny that their sister would ever think yet alone broadcast the idea the president was monitoring her.

They denounced the idea that Carey thought that her apartment was bugged by the president.  They said in their CNN interview that they had never heard her say anything of that nature.

The New York Sun ran the piece, Astonishing Silence Greets Shooting Death of Miriam Carey by Police at Capitol.  In it R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is troubled by the “astonishing silence surrounding the death Miss Carey. None of the usual complainants against police violence have been heard from—not the Rev. Jesse Jackson nor the Rev. Al Sharpton. Not even the NAACP or the ACLU. Nor for that matter have the hordes of defenders of Trayvon Martin been heard from.”

Why the silence when this incident fits the template of racially charged police overkill?  Miriam Carey “was killed by so many police bullets her family was allowed only to see her photograph to identify her”.  What should have ignited a national conversation on the excessive use of force was written off as an isolated incident of the crazies.

Because Miriam Carey sought medical attention for post-partum she is stigmatized as having a  “history of mental illness”.  According to one law enforcement official, “Carey’s mental health had been deteriorating for months, and she believed President Barack Obama had communicated with her…we are seeing serious degradation in her mental health, certainly within the last 10 months, since December, ups and downs,” the official told the AP, speaking anonymously. “Our working theory is her mental health was a significant driver in her unexpected presence in DC yesterday.”

How would this anonymous official be witness to this “serious degradation in her mental health…since December, ups and downs“?  How is it possible for him to have such knowledge in such a timely matter from afar?

Law enforcement officials claim that Carey had been treated for schizophrenia, but two of her sisters ‘disputed his characterization.’

According to Huffington Post, “Search warrant results show police who inspected a lockbox inside Miriam Carey’s black Infiniti found a passport, foreign currency, a driver’s license and social security cards for her and her daughter. Other items include keys, hospital discharge documents, a lease agreement for a New York City apartment and an uncashed check for about $1,800.”  Who is asking how and why is a Connecticut dental hygienist driving around with a lockbox filled with passports, foreign currency and her hospital discharge papers?  How is this woman able to secure a New York City apartment?

CNN reported findings from Carey’s Stamford apartment search:  “…authorities found discharge papers from a 2012 mental health evaluation that listed prescriptions for medications to treat depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – a law enforcement source briefed on the investigation said Friday.  Earlier, sources said investigators found medications, but that proved later not to be accurate.”  (emphasis mine)

So its being reported by CNN and Huffington Post that hospital discharge papers were found in her car as well as in her apartment and that law enforcement did not find medication for her alleged mental illness.  Why aren’t these inconsistencies being vetted?  Why is this medication correction being muffled?  Is it because it doesn’t support their all too simplistic storyline of Carey being coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs?  The mental illness motive is being augmented by another far-reaching explanation.  In addition to post-partum, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, stated that “her condition may have been exacerbated by a recent head injury.”

Now the public is being told that a head injury from a recent fall, which could have caused anyone to drive recklessly into a fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is the next plausible explanation.  (DC-related head injuries from falls seem to be the latest justifiable excuse for felonious behavior and getting out of public testimonies.)

Inconsistency after inconsistency surround this woman and her circumstances.  First hand accounts by her family are drowned out by accusations of delusion and presidential stalking by an ex-boyfriend, anonymous law enforcement officials and a state representative of Texas.

Headlines said, “A woman, later identified as 34-year-old Miriam Carey of Stamford, Conn., drove a black Infiniti sedan into a security fence outside the White House.”  How does a single mother drive four and a half hours from Stamford, CT straight to fence on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with an 18 month old in the back?  Did she drive four and a half hours straight without stopping, without traffic?  Why the media doesn’t vet its sources, get its facts straight or ask the obvious question is the question.  Whether it‘s a case of hastiness, sloppiness or deliberate disinformation, it is no wonder their credibility is in the tank.

Leslie Deinhammer

Illinois PolitiChick Leslie Anne Deinhammer, writer, chaplain and proud wife of a Marine Corps veteran, writes on topics of politics, human rights and faith. Follow her at @lesliedhammer on Twitter.

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