Barack Obama: The Bad Stepfather of Our Country

barack-obamajpg-91536e26bf3812fe_large2George Washington is rightly honored as the “The Father of our Country” for his sacrifice and service in our nation’s founding, his fortitude and foresight in leadership roles both on the battlefield and in the office of the Presidency, and his personal character and concern for our nation’s continual survival and success. So, too, are those earliest American “Band of Brothers” who surrounded and supported Washington regarded to this day as our “Founding Fathers.” Their mantle has been passed down through posterity from one generation to the next till, at last, it has now fallen to Barack Obama. Alas, in both word and deed, the current occupant of the White House has demonstrated that he is not made from the same stuff. Barack Obama has made it abundantly clear that he does not revere the Nation’s Fathers nor does he intend to follow in their footsteps, but, rather, he seeks to “fundamentally transform” us into something they would not recognize or claim for their own. Barack Obama has assumed the title of the Presidency of the United States, but in rejecting the traditional and essential heritage of America has thus cast himself, instead, as the Stepfather of Our Country.

Familial terms can be used both concretely to identify blood relations or in an honorific sense in order to convey an emotional attachment and connective bond. Sadly, sometimes the bonds of the traditional family are torn apart owing to one catastrophe or another and it is left to others to join together and try to reunite the ties that have been shattered. These new family members are referred to with the cold unflattering prefix of “step” whether they be fathers, mothers, or children. This can serve as a continual reminder that these new members are not original to the group and will always stand apart as “others.” It depends completely upon the individual, since a good woman or man will be a good stepmother or stepfather (as was my own stepfather who proved to be a very positive and stable force in my family’s well-being). However, the overwhelming prevalence of wicked stepmothers in fairy tales illustrates the oft proven expectation that such a relationship can disastrously fail. Though all evidence shows him to be a loving successful father to his own two daughters, in relation to our country, Barack Obama fits more comfortably into the negative fairytale caricature as he plays the role of a bad stepfather to the nation. When we examine the common characteristics of a bad stepfather, the resemblance to the current occupant of the White House is uncanny.

–       A bad stepfather may impress for a while, but the real person is eventually going to come through. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama just doesn’t have his heart in the role and he can no longer “fake it,” or seldom seems to care enough to even try. During the 2008 election “courtship” season, President Obama was on his best behavior. In a speech before the DNC he had proclaimed, “There are no red states or blue states, there is only the United States” but once the deal was sealed, the gloves came off and his true feelings of anger, jealousy and resentment became all too obvious  – especially at those to whom such attitudes and actions are directed.

–       A bad stepfather does not love his new family and always remains distant and disconnected since he has no common experiences of and respect for long held traditions. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama demonstrates an inability to emotionally connect with the “non-Progressive” segment of the population. He just does not seem to “get” them. He obviously has no understanding of or concern for the views of those who disagree with his agenda. Instead he characterizes his “step kids” thusly: “…they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

–        A bad stepfather shows obvious preference for his “real kids” by playing favorites, setting different standards, and encouraging sibling conflict and animosity. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama seems to go out of his way to point out anything negative in his traditional American “step kids” and does not acknowledge anything positive.  Which of these groups serve as Obama’s “real kids” and which are the “step kids”:  the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street? Military Veterans or Illegal Immigrants? Hollywood or Nashville? When President Obama famously proclaimed, “We are the change we have been waiting for” he was not including all of us. As Conservatives we were part of a package deal and must submit to fundamental transformation.

–       A bad stepfather goes out of his way to promote conflict. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama seems to thrive on crisis and is constantly pushing the nation towards the brink through insane federal spending, illogical national policy and blatant disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. His Administration launches retaliatory verbal and legal attacks in an attempt to hurt, intimidate and discourage those who dare speak up against such practices. The ongoing investigation into the IRS’s targeting of Conservative Tea Party groups demonstrates the extremes to which this Administration will go.

–       A bad stepfather is not concerned with the future wellbeing of his children and denies their reasonable wants and needs because he does not see them as worthy of what is best. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama will do to us what he wants whenever he wants – and we had better submit and say “Thank you” if we know what is good for us. The doomed certainty of his prized accomplishment of Obamacare will serve as an eternal reminder of President Obama’s disregard for our personal wellbeing.

–       A bad stepfather cannot accept any questioning which he sees only as a sign of disloyalty and ungratefulness.  Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama proudly proclaims, “I will not negotiate.” Those who continue to question are then referred to as “terrorists, kidnappers, and arsonists.”

–       A bad stepfather constantly draws a distinction between himself and the “real dad” because he is always competing and the “real dad” must lose. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama makes it abundantly clear he is not responsible for the mess he is creating. His “go-to excuse” is that he inherited everything bad from his immediate predecessor, George W. Bush. He also complains that he would be able to fix this inherited mess were it not for the fact “I am constrained by a system our founders put in place.”

–       A bad stepfather complains about his step kids to others. Just like a bad stepfather, Barack Obama wants to make it clear to the rest of the world that he is just as embarrassed by us, as they should be. Obama kicked off his Presidency with a worldwide “Apology Tour” in which he apologized for our arrogance, the mistakes we have made in dealing with the Muslim world, and especially our racist past (which still remains ever present). However, like any bad stepfather, Obama promises that he will try to guide us away from “those darker periods in the past” before he became the new head of the national American household.

–       A bad stepfather eventually can continue to fool only those who want to be fooled – that is, those who are most emotionally invested in the relationship. Love is blind, and those blinded by the false ideology of Progressivism remain the blindest of all. The question remains: Can America survive this relationship with a man such as Barack Obama in the White House?

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