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cspan_cruz_registry_130418gOn Wednesday, September 23, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said over and over regarding Senator Ted Cruz’s 19+ hours speaking on the floor that it “wasn’t a filibuster”, as if by making that clarification it makes what Sen. Cruz did any less meaningful.

I have a message for Sen. Reid – you can call it whatever you want, but Senator Cruz has made a stand for the people with the people. I started watching about 20 minutes after it began and while I didn’t sit and watch undividedly (it’s hard to do that with 4 kids) I did have it streaming over my computer the entire time (thank you CSPAN!). What I saw was inspiring – and it came at the right time, too, as I was starting to lose faith in America between stories about college students not being able to freely hand out the constitution, a young boy facing expulsion from school for playing with a toy gun in his own yard and a parent being arrested for questioning a Common Core meeting. I couldn’t sleep Monday night as I wondered, is it already too late? Then, early Tuesday afternoon, I saw a post on Facebook about Sen. Cruz speaking on the floor.  At first I didn’t realize it was going to turn into something so big, but I kept watching and I started to feel rejuvenated.

Regarding Congress and their closed-door meetings with the president asking to be opted out of the Affordable Care Act, I was cheering on Sen. Cruz when he said, “If it’s good enough for thee, it better be good enough for me.”  How many of you agree? I know I do. I don’t believe the men and women who forced this bill on America should be able to exempt themselves and their families.

On a personal note, another highlight of the 21 hrs. 19 minutes included Sen. Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham to his daughters since he was missing story time at home. I laughed when I realized what he was doing and thought it was awesome. Then my little mama heart grew even more when I saw the picture being tweeted around of his daughters listening to the bedtime story from home. I have to say the relevance of Sen. Cruz choosing that particular story is very pertinent, since Nancy Pelosi told us, the American people, that we had to “pass the bill in order to find out what is in the bill”. Well, we’ve tasted the green eggs and ham but unlike the character in the Dr. Seuss book, we the people do not like it. Every day we hear of a new company that is cutting hours so as not to have to provide healthcare–and why wouldn’t they? (This article clearly breaks it down why we keep seeing that in the headlines.)

Another excellent moment that caused me to chuckle was when Sen. Cruz began quoting from Duck Dynasty.  I am not a big TV watcher, but I think Sen. Cruz referencing pop culture was not done lightly.

I have to say though, my favorite exchange was when Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee went back and forth about “things that are not as they seem”.  Some of their examples were the 100 Year War, which actually lasted 116 years; the Chinese gooseberries are actually derived from New Zealand; and the Purple Finch is actually crimson red.  The two Senators had me giggling as I nursed my 3 month old son in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s clear what they were saying:  despite everything Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama would have us to believe, Obamacare is not what it seems.

In another nod to pop culture, Senator Cruz also used some Star Wars references:

I will confess that phrase `a rebellion against oppression’ conjured up to me the rebel alliance fighting against the empire. The empire being the Washington DC establishment.  And indeed immediately on hearing that phrase I wondered if at some point we would see a tall gentleman in a mechanical  breathing apparatus come forward and say in a deep voice `Mike Lee I am your father.’  This is a fight to restore freedom to the people.  This is a fight to get the Washington establishment, the empire,  to listen to the people.  And just like in the Star Wars movies the empire will strike back.  But at the end of the day I think the rebel alliance, I think the people will prevail.

I personally hope people understand the true representation we have in Sen. Cruz, who stood up for all of us on the Senate floor.  He used key words like “the Establishment” and “ruling class” when referring to those in Washington who aren’t necessarily fighting for We the People. He also broke through the lies of a “government shut down” – we are not asking for defunding the government just the Affordable Care Act, which can be done. The bill that is being debated in the Senate right now, which passed the House, continues funding at current sequestration levels, prioritizes debt payments if debt limit not raised and defunds all funding to Obamacare (H.J. Res. 59).

Whatever you want to call this – a long speech or a filibuster – Senator Ted Cruz has essentially declared war on the Establishment Ruling Class and has energized Americans all across this nation to stand with him and restore freedom to our country. If you are like me, you often read articles like this and wonder, “What can I do?”  Sites like and Don’t Fund It! have the resources readily available for you.  In the meantime, Tweet, call and e-mail your Senators to let them know you do not support Obamacare!

Carisa Zglobicki

Colorado PolitiChick Carisa Zglobicki is a wife, mother and is new to political activism. While she didn't grow up in a conservative home, Carisa says she always felt drawn to conservative values.  Carisa married her high school sweetheart and together they have 4 children. She works part time from home and home schools her children. In 2011, Carisa heard Herman Cain's CPAC speech and began to take an interest in politics. She took his words to stay Inspired, stay Informed and stay Involved as a call to action, and a week later she joined the grassroots campaign for Herman Cain. Since then, she has joined American Conservatives of Color, been a guest co-host on Grassroots Radio Colorado and is becoming involved in PolitiChicks as a way to jump into citizen journalism.

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