Republicanism Dead? HOGWASH!

iC_dXV2TCRbMSome say Republicans are a thing of the past; they’re history, washed up, out of touch.  I hear Democrats and their insincere concern about the health of their political archenemy, the Conservative voter (aka “me”).  The bleeding heart Liberals, Progressives, Obamanots, and even some misguided Republicans (the ones who stayed home and didn’t vote because they think Governor Romney is a heretic) are insisting we must move the conservative platform left-of-center in order to survive.  And if we do not listen to their ever-grating whine, we are going to be placed on the political dinosaur shelf at The Smithsonian Institute.

To all of them, I say hogwash!

First, let’s look at the differences between “us and them” in a capitalistic way.  Consider the impressive book sale numbers of conservative authors and political analysts like Laura Ingrahm, Ann Coulter and David Limbaugh. Their books regularly make bestseller lists.  Next, regard the ratings of talk show hosts Mr. Rush Limbaugh and Mr. Glenn Beck.  Compare their television ratings to the queen of the Left rhetoric, Rachael “Madcow” Maddow. Her numbers are dismal and dropping just like TV ratings for MSNBC, CNN and the other mind- numbing nonsense spewed from the Leftist television dial.

The last but most important indicator that Conservatism is here to stay is because of history and the meaning behind our foundation.  The Democrat Party platform is completely opposite in every aspect from our Founder’s intent for us as a community of conservative citizens.  Our first money was printed with the sentiment of ‘MIND YOUR BUSINESS’ before ‘In GOD WE TRUST’ was stamped on our dollar bills.  The intention of our brave New World was for people to be free of government intrusion but to provide the infrastructure–giving people the ability to live their lives independently.

The test of time has applied pressure to our Founding Fathers brilliant insight into mankind and thus produced satisfying results.  The prose of their profound words, melded into our Bill of Rights, has maintained flexible strength for our support of civility.  These guiding documents of the very ground we stand on…are conservative documents.

Republicans do not have to be flamboyant or grabby for their sincere message of hope for this country to be heard.  Tea Party members do not need to dress like human genitalia for attention, nor do they need to throw temper tantrums to get their message across.   We are steadfast and true.

The main reason the Republicans are not in office right now is because we want and need real conservatives to represent us.  The Republicans need candidates that will not vacillate from our original founding message.  The Republicans will be in charge again when we elect men and women who hold the Constitution close to their hearts and believe in protecting all Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The certain and clear ideology of Republicans cannot be watered down.  Republicans should not become more centrist.  We have no interest in seeing eye-to-eye with a Democrat or a progressive.  There is no need, nor has there ever been.

Conservatives are fighting for something beyond election results.  Conservative and like-minded Patriots are actively seeking to bring back Democracy.  We have dug our feet in the sand and are dragging them against the progressive and socialist ideology of President Obama—an ideology that is tearing at the soul of this country and breaking our hearts.

We want to go back to basics, not go back in time.

Age and reality bring wisdom, if you are paying attention.  And here is a big whopping-sized dose of conservative reality for you:  When Uncle Sam is raping the paychecks of those who are working and takes their hard-earned income to ‘level out the playing field’ for lazy individuals and illegal aliens, it simultaneously demoralizes a community with the steady tick of the clock.  This is depressive to working people and it wears on them as they trudge off to work day in and day out year after year.

After President Obama’s first five years in office and his socialistic approach to our institutions, we are now crumbling fast.  His model of behavior towards our military, in particular the dead Americans in Benghazi and his refusal to provide truth and understanding in regards to the Internal Revenue Service, his lack of legislation to help the small business owner and no regard towards tax relief, is eroding people of hope, choice, safety, independence, and eventually the pursuit of happiness, on a daily basis.

It all comes down to two basic differences between the parties.  Republicans believe in taking care of one’s own, while Democrats believe in Big Government and subsidies.  But when it is all over but the crying, self-responsibility is the only way to live.  The reason airline attendants tell parents to use the oxygen masks before giving it to their children is because before we can take care of anyone else, we have to take care of ourselves first.   “You taking care of you” is the only true way to prosper and be content. It is impossible for a society to flourish when the majority of its population not pulling their weight.

For these reasons and more, I believe Republicans are here to stay, and to think anything else is pure hogwash!

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