Fighting For Our Enemy

c158165753e91b4f7ed3e5be5140316cOver the past few weeks we’ve been hearing a lot about these so-called “moderate” Muslim rebels in the war being waged in Syria.  The media is reporting that the moderate’s are fighting to overthrow the current government.  Meanwhile no one is really talking about the fact that they are fighting alongside the extremists, also known as Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The mention of all of these individuals is constant in all forms of the media in a manner that if you ask me is a bit confusing, especially for someone who is not paying attention.  For instance, we have had Senators like John McCain in interview after interview speaking passionately about these “moderates”–so much so that one would think they were his long lost buddies from when he was in the service.  Of course it’s not just McCain, there are others.   Overall much of the media is working hard to sell the narrative about the “moderate Muslim rebels” who simply need America’s help to stop the evil Assad regime.

But what exactly is a “moderate Muslim”?  For that matter, where exactly are all these “moderates” when atrocities are taking place in the name of Allah?  As far back as I can remember we have been constantly dealing with attacks, threats and wars waged on our people and others, specifically Christian and Jewish groups around the world by Islamic militant groups and jihadists.  During and after all of these events I have yet to hear of these “moderates” until recently, and suddenly it’s almost as if they are claiming this is an entirely “new breed” of Islam.

What we are not being told is that this is a politically correct attempt at whitewashing what is really taking place.  Instead of speaking the truth, we continue to witness the media and our leaders dumb down the truth of the issue.  It seems to be their way of pacifying the public in an attempt to avoid strife.  Or perhaps it’s an effort on their part in trying to help Muslims assimilate into our society.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. In fact it is nothing but a farce and a continuation of the lies being propagated upon us by the mainstream media and other elites.

The Quran clearly states a Muslim can perform and live their life freely under the guise of taqiyya.  Doing so enables them to live a life that would seem on the surface to be nothing but peaceful.  What most do not understand is that this action is a subversive technique used to disguise the true intentions of those who want to harm non-Muslims.  At the root of this supposed “faith” is the desire and intent to convert the entire world to become Muslim.  The catch is that without converting to Islam, and according to their Quran, one who denies or refuses is to be put to death.

In Syria, Christians have been there for centuries and until recently they were safe due to the secular government run by Assad.  Yet now, in cities and towns like Maaloula where the “rebels” have taken over, if Christians refuse to convert to Islam they are being killed.  Every day across the region Christians are being slaughtered—and not just in Syria, but also in Libya and Egypt.  There are many accounts of such acts taking place yet the media is not reporting it with the level of importance it should be given.  Instead they suggest it is the “extremists” who perform such acts and that is not the norm but rather an exception, further perpetuating the myth that the “moderate” rebels are A-OK.

Yet if that were the case and these acts were in fact unacceptable by Islam, then why is it no one can explain what these “moderates” are doing to stop it?  Better yet, why are we not hearing from them at all?  Where are these millions of “peaceful Muslims” who are against such actions?  Why are we only hearing from a handful?  The fact is, Christians were not being slaughtered before we began aiding and arming these “moderate” rebels in Syria–yet we are continuing to arm and fund their actions.

These are the people we are helping.

So for those of us who are paying attention, we are left to wonder what exactly does John McCain and the rest of the politically correct ruling elite think is “moderate” about these Muslims?  Where were the moderate Muslims only a few weeks ago when an eight-year-old girl in Yemen died on her wedding night from internal bleeding?  The story was even picked up by Yahoo, one of the most liberal media outlets out there.  So this is not Rightwing fear mongering, as some on the Left would have one believe.  It is the truth–the truth about Islam—and Islam at its core and in the Quran talks about, supports and encourages war, murder and killing infidels.  It also talks about female genital mutilation to keep a girl from sinning, stoning, rape, bestiality and murder of homosexuals, among other atrocities.   Does any of that sound “moderate” to you?  “That is not what all Muslims believe” is what John McCain and the rest of the politically correct say.  Really?  I guess they have not read a Quran, or talked to anyone who has lived the horror that is the barbaric cult of Islam.  To be a Muslim you are to believe what the Quran teaches, live it and in it they’re told that the ultimate reward is to die a martyr and kill infidels to get to heaven…  exactly what part of that doctrine sounds  “moderate” to you?  Don’t believe me, look it up:’an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Jihadists#Jihadists_Will_Get_Great_Rewards_in_the_Afterlife

finalexecution1-600x400It’s time to stop being politically correct about the cult that is Islam.  I highly suggest anyone who has any question about Islam read the Quran.  You can find one in your local library or even easier, look it up on the Internet.  Read what it says and how it instructs is followers to live.  The truth is, there is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim because the entire purpose is to convert the entire planet to Islam by any and all means necessary, including murder of all infidels (the definition of which is “anyone who does not convert to Islam”).  A “moderate” Muslim would be the equivalent of a backsliding Christian, but the major difference is that Jesus instructs us to love our enemies, while Muhammad instructs Muslims to kill theirs.  Of course, many arguing this point bring up the Crusades, or other terrible acts committed by Christians over the years.  The ultimate difference is what Jesus in the New Testament instructs believers to do, versus what Mohammed in the Quran instructs believers to do.  There is simply no comparison.

This leaves me wondering why our United States government is buddying up with yet another Middle Eastern country and, once again, helping to unseat another regime and usher in the likes of rebels, Muslim Brotherhood and those who wish to wipe the West from the face of the planet.  Kind of makes you wonder… not only are we potentially sleeping with the enemy, but perhaps even worse, we are also contemplating fighting a war for the enemy.

Ava Aston

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