Fed Up: DC Down With Obamacare Rally #DontFundIt

no-to-obamacareObamacare is spinning out of control and headed for disastrous impact. Even former supporters are jumping ship. Those democrats that remain supportive and establishment republicans who refuse to truly stand against it are being called to the carpet.

Senators and Representatives who have not forgotten their duty to their constituents and to defend the Constitution are banding together to halt the funding to this unconstitutional legislation. Senator Ted Cruz has been very vocal in his efforts to defund Obamacare, joined by Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Representatives Louie Gohmert and Steve King and numerous other legislators and Constitutional leaders.

Tuesday, September 10 stands to propel the unity of America’s citizens in the mounting fight against this piece of demoralizing legislation. Tea Party Patriots, along with a host of sponsors and top leaders in this fight are joining in the Exempt America from Obamacare Rally on the West Lawn of the US Capitol from 12pm to 2pm this coming Tuesday.

The website for the rally heralds, “If Obamacare isn’t good enough for Big Business, Big Labor, or Big Government, then it isn’t good enough for the American People.”

Senator Mike Lee’s recent letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, signed by a number of Senators, pledges that any Continuing Resolution that funds Obamacare will not get their vote. The call has gone out for those who will risk standing up against the Obama statist machine and for the hard-working citizens of America. Know where your Representative and Senators stand and ask them to oppose the funding of Obamacare, to stand with you and the Constitution. Those that do oppose funding need to know that you will support them.

The attacks have and will continue to come against freedom fighters. As reported on The DC, Obama’s Organizing for Action Executive Director, Jon Carson, recently wrote OFA supporters attacking Governor Sarah Palin for supporting Defund Obamacare efforts. Carson also vowed to attack what he calls ‘radical members of Congress’ saying, “there’s a price to pay for this kind of nonsense.” American freedom is far from nonsense. Many, especially those that have lived under tyranny, have fought stridently to come to America for her promised freedom and equality of opportunity.

Tuesday’s Rally promises to bring together a spectrum of not only legislators, but Constitutional Leaders like Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin, Young Americans for Liberty’s Jeff Frazee, Brent Bozell to name just a few. Visit the rally’s website exemptamerica.com for more information.

If you can’t make it out the WADC and still want to check out the rally, YOU CAN! Check out www.Breitbart.com for live feed of the event. Remember that this runs from 12-2pm EST. For you Twitter users out there, join in the conversation live with the hashtag #DontFundIt.

Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing a CPA license. She is a contributor for Breitbart.com and operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

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