11 FROM 9/11: World Trade Center Foundation Spread From Sea to Shining Sea

ut6_salt_lake_city_sculptureJust as I was speaking to the woman behind this remarkable effort of tribute to America’s heroes, a story was days from breaking that made it the perfect lead up to a warning from the State Department, FBI, CIA, and assorted US security groups.

Late Thursday night, August 1st–more like early Friday since it was past midnight–just as I was curling up into bed, it broke:

“The United States will shut down more than 20 embassies and consulates Sunday, and has issued a travel alert for U.S. citizens worldwide warning of an al-Qaida terrorist threat.

The State Department said Friday the potential for terrorism is particularly strong in the Middle East and North Africa. It says an attack could come from the Arabian Peninsula, with the potential for al-Qaida-linked attacks possible anytime between now and the end of August.

The security concerns prompted the United States to close the embassies and consulates, mostly in the Muslim world.

Britain and Germany later announced that they will also close embassies in Yemen on Sunday and Monday due to increased security concerns. Britain’s Foreign Office noted particular concerns in the final days of Ramadan–the Muslim month of fasting.”US Warns of al-Qaida Threat, Closes Embassies August 4, VOA News, August 3, 2013

Chills…but no thrills.  That was gone the minute I realized it was a set-up for a Gitmo prisoner deal with the country of threat origin.

But that’s another article…back to this one.

I’d been wondering how to tie-in the 12th anniversary of 9/11–and 1st anniversary of Benghazi–with the incredible story of 11 pieces of the foundation from the World Trade Center that are being spread across our country.  Who knew al Qaeda would “resurrect” just in time, and be so accommodating–so quickly–by threatening attacks on American interests yet again?

But no matter, hope comes in meetings and sharings, and I had just met the most incredible woman.  Her name is Raette Belcher of Park City, UT, and she is exactly what you would expect a strong American woman to be.  She has a beautiful family, owns Southwest Indian Traders, and is the biggest promoter of a little known effort to spread 11 reminders of the worst attack on American soil from sea to shining sea:

SALT LAKE CITY — A piece of U.S. history is headed to Utah and organizers are seeking the public’s help in making it a permanent memorial.

An art installation, one of 11 fashioned from concrete sections of the World Trade Center foundations, is currently in the process of being purchased for a planned memorial at the Fort Douglas Military Museum.

“We’re fortunate enough to have one of those stones brought to Utah,” said Raette Belcher, owner of Southwest Indian Traders in Park City and one of the organizers of the project. “We’re getting a piece of history, the World Trade Center, that will be here at our University of Utah on campus.”

Belcher said $185,000 is needed to purchase the artwork. She also estimated that roughly $60,000 in time and labor had already been donated to the project from various contractors, crane companies and architects…

…Belcher said the planned installation at Fort Douglas will memorialize those who lost their lives on 9/11, as well as Utah’s fallen warriors who have given their lives during the War on Terror.

“It just gives me goosebumps to think we’re doing this,” Belcher said. “I want every one of them to be remembered somehow.”

The project is being organized in collaboration with the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation, which has worked with the artist to secure locations for the eleven foundation segments. Utah is scheduled to receive the piece, dubbed UT6, on Sept. 21.

And what’s more, Nathan Osmond, another local singer from a very famous local family, provides the touching and inspiring theme song for AFWMF entitled 21Guns, the reverent and rousing dedication of this historic and tragic piece of American history.

So AQ’s latest Islammunist temper tantrum couldn’t have come at a more convenient time, because too many have forgotten what happened that day, or wish to not be reminded, or not to have to even look at images, news casts, or censored by The Clintons inconvenient docudramas.  Those are usually the types with the shortest memories and the longest line of bull.   The dangers of forgetting such events must not befall this generation; it is a curse for which fate demands a harsh remembering, and that is the pattern of history:  forget great evil and evil will remind you.

Utah is a state built on conservative values, strong families and morals, traditional marriage, Constitutional adherence, 2nd Amendment, and honoring those who showed the Greater Love; Utah has thus far lived up to this ideal, raising and donating in labor, time, and materials to the tune of $348,500.  Truly an astounding effort, and kudos to Utah.

Yet with the date of delivery of this sacred stone, dubbed UT6 (the Utah 6), only days away, the $155,000 dollars for the artifact itself is still needed.  While the group bringing this piece of history to Utah has a year to finish paying for it, should they really need that long?

With a recent threat against members of the LDS Church by an Islammunist in Colorado, which surfaced days before the embassy announcements, Utah is not short on memories of the evil that has been growing for decades, let alone that which stirs the soul to reverent gratitude for those who fight and die so we don’t have to.

Utah deserves high praise for this massive and righteous undertaking; it is humbling that we get to be one of only 11 states to receive a physical reminder of one of the worst terrorist attack in American history.  The idea that we, only 12 years later, aren’t standing in line to donate and accomplish this is what surprises me most.  The frontier-conquering, fort building, Mormon Militia stand-your-grounders, best-white-friend of the Indian people, who garner the respect–and among the wicked, the fear–of the entire world can do better than this.

Utah’s founders forged the West and thrived, in spite of being primarily made up of the only religion in American history to have government-sanctioned extermination orders, fleeing for their lives and losing tracts of land, homes, furnishings, and every earthly possession.  Some lost spouses and parents, most lost little ones, all lost faith in the leadership of the only nation on earth at the time that had full freedom of religion.

And yet, Utah remains one of the most patriotic states in America, quick to respond to the call of the nation that at one time sought the destruction of its settlers.  It is a noble and gracious fact noted often by visitors and even antagonists.  Utah is a land of beautiful scenery and good people.

Raette has done most of this on her own, from selecting the memorial spot, working deals, approaching large businesses and wealthy corporations, eternally grateful for those who remember that freedom is not bought with dollars but with something much more precious:  blood.  They know the foundation they build their fortunes upon is under attack, and the presence of the WTC pieces that bear silent testimony to this fact stretching across this nation—one waiting for its new home in Utah—is worth sacrifice and effort.

Sacrifice has nothing to do with what you’re willing to give; evil men are willing to give to look good in the public eye.  It is and always has been about what you’re willing to give up.  These who work to honor the freedoms ensured by those who face evil on front lines are willing to give their time and money just for a chance to remember a day most of us try to forget.  And that is pretty noble.

“We’re getting a piece of history, the World Trade Center, that will be here at our University of Utah on campus…The stone comes into the state on Friday, September 20th. We will be escorting the stone down I-80 to Ft. Douglas, where we will welcome this artifact. Then we will start the tour of UT, a process of taking the stone to different towns in the state for a viewing before it comes back to Ft. Douglas.  This tour is to recognize those Gold Star families and to be able to pay tribute to those that gave their lives for our freedom. There will be a large fundraising event in Park City on Saturday, September 28th, with a program at 1:00pm. The dedication is set for Oct 7th. Yes, we are still raising money to help pay for this artifact from the WTC. All funds raised are going through Ft. Douglas Military Museum.”

God bless Raette, whose courage and determination remind us and leave us in awe of that ability to create great good out of horrific evil.  That out of 50 states in the greatest nation in history, Utah, yes our own little Utah, is set to get 1 of those 11.  All thanks to a woman who didn’t forget to remember.  There’s a time to remember, and that is pretty noble too, because as the world heats up yet again, there are other times coming we would rather forget, but do not dare.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
a time of war…

We are ALL enlisted ’til the conflict is over.  And the day is fast coming when that may mean actual frontline fighting by more than just our official military, and on closer-than-foreign soil.  But for now, just for a moment, our fight is to not forget those who are already engaged, our frontline one of reverence and remembrance.  And if every purpose under heaven has a time, then now is the time for the 11 of 9/11, and our little piece of it.

And one determined woman who will not drop this flag.  So the only question remaining for Utah is, what are we willing to give up to help bring home this rock of ages?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

If you would like to donate to this worthy, Resa “WARCHICK” Kirkland-recommended cause, please do so by sending checks or money orders to:

Ft. Douglas Military Museum Association
For “UT6 and ALL”
32 Potter Street
Salt Lake City, UT   38411
Make checks out to – FDMMA

Resa LaRu Kirkland

Resa LaRu Kirkland--aka WARCHICK, the nickname given to her by her beloved Korean War Vets--is a military historian/conservative commentator.

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