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Day: September 9, 2013

Fed Up: DC Down With Obamacare Rally #DontFundIt

Obamacare is spinning out of control and headed for disastrous impact. Even former supporters are jumping ship. Those democrats that remain supportive and establishment republicans who refuse to...

“Roasting Weiner” Press Conference Featuring PolitiChick Courtenay Turner

“Ace reporters Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover, Hugh Johnson and Hernando Hazard grill Weiner in the press conference you didn’t see!”  Featuring PolitiChick Courtenay Turner

Unions, Obamacare, Congressional Fixes: AKA Corruption of the Obama Admin

The 40,000-member union of The International Longshore and Warehouse Union recently cut ties with the AFL-CIO, citing it’s increased frustration with the federation’s policy positions...

PolitiChicks Exclusive Interview: Liz Cheney, Fighting for Wyoming

Confident, strong, upfront and fearless – these are but a few terms I would use to describe Liz Cheney. A fourth generation Wyomingite, Ms. Cheney announced her bid for the Senate against...