Who Benefits From the Immigration Reform Bill? For One, La Raza…

119831364-e1358146183711The Immigration Reform Bill has been touted as an effort to enforce our borders while making a pathway to citizenship for illegals. While it is true that the bill calls for reinforcements on the Southern Border, what we hear little about is, how flexible it is for illegals that are already here and how lenient it is for new arrivals.

The mammoth bill, of which I read well over 800 pages, contains more pork than the Iowa State Fair. There are massive quantities of provisions put in place that offer benefits and counseling to undocumented persons, supposedly, to make it easier to obtain citizenship.  Who benefits from all of this? Civil rights groups and special interests, which are mentioned (although not by name) to carry out these procedures.

Obama’s White House Director of the Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Munoz, drafted the bill. Ms. Munoz was a Senior Executive at “civil rights” organization La Raza and her work is clearly evident in this piece of legislation.  La Raza, which translated means “The Race”, absolutely seems to be picking sides when it comes to immigration reform.

Not only is there a huge slush fund, as Investor’s Business Daily so appropriately puts it,  but also a fast track to citizenship for what could add up to millions of immigrants in just a few short years.  Family members, spouses, children, and agricultural workers could obtain a blue card making everything legal in a snap. Farm workers that entered with employment would have housing and transportation supplied by their employer. How many of us non-illegal citizens have that benefit?

What is most frustrating is just how lenient this bill is. You may be deported three times, and still gain re-entry. You can get a DUI three times before being labeled a “habitual drunk driver” resulting in deportation, and get this…you can sell fake passports up to ten times before Homeland Security says, okay, that’s it, you have to leave now.

How did this ridiculous bill pass the Senate?  Hopefully, the House will have more discretion. Just as Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions said, this bill will increase unemployment.

Sutton Porter

Sutton Porter is a conservative political satirist and pundit. She started as a stand up comic, doing political humor in comedy clubs. Performing for a campaign fundraiser she caught the attention of San Diego, CA radio host Rick Amato, with whom she worked as an on air satirist and producer at The Rick Amato Show on 1170KCBQ. Sutton has written for the Washington Times Communities, Breitbart, emceed various events, and been a guest speaker at rallies and tea parties. Behind the scenes, she has been Media Assistant to Dr. Walid Phares, who was National Security Advisor to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Sutton was the opening act for Evan Sayet's Right 2 Laugh. Her website, http://www.undergroundpundit.com combines serious news stories and leaves PC at the door with a wild dose of political humor.

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