Guest Writer Michael Finch: Tears for America

burning-stars-and-stripes1Rome burns indeed.

I cry for my America, headlong down, falling, racing, unmoored and unfettered; fall she may, fall she will.

Where have you gone?

Did we bargain for this? Was this all part of a great plan, or does history just move on its accord; our reasons, workings and pleadings, meaningless in time’s pace?

There is no telling where this land will be in decades hence.  Changed for sure, perhaps in some ways better, but if history is our guide, things will change for the worse, much worse.  One thing is for certain, the past few years have forever altered our compass, there is no going back.

The people have changed, the land has changed, our nation has become very alien. Our families have changed, our attitudes, our dreams, our culture and our essence of what is America, what we had been handed down from our forefathers.

It was inevitable, even back in 1776, 1787, on to 1865.  We won’t even talk about the 20th Century.  The signs were all there, the brilliance of our Founding could not sustain against the nature of man. We seek power, power above all.  We crush what is free and independent, yes, even in this wondrous land of liberty. We centralize, control, tax and regulate anything and everything, all for our self-divined purposes. We never just let live.

Of course it is all for a good purpose, all for a cause, for the good of mankind.  The usurpations of the Constitution, from almost the beginning, all for progress, all because someone knows what is best for us.  Best for our children, best for our land and our world.  The divine rights of man to make heaven and destroy those enemies of the self-appointed angels, will always seek to control.

We seek wars over our own people, wars to save the planet, we so eagerly march to wars in the world when our interests are none.  We spend our own treasure, we thieve from our people, all to fight a war to save us from ourselves.  When did we ask for this?

That we have lasted for almost 240 years is a testament of our Founders, to our faith in God, a culture, a system, a Constitution, that has worked to fight off these forces as best as it can for so long.  We can never go back; we have never been able to stop this urge for power and control.  It has been sucking the lifeblood out of our national being since the ink was drying on the Declaration of Independence.  This is not a cry against our Founding, far from it.  It is not a call for a new Founding, we can’t go back, there is never a going back.

In our own lives we can retreat, cling to those few precious rays of liberty.  Even an illusion can be alluring, the illusion of what America was.  Nostalgia, a drug for certain, but one that I reach for in these times of despair.

Find your faith, your family, your homes, take your liberty, think of the property of your own thoughts, they haven’t stolen those from us yet.  Travel the roads of this great country, find the towns, the hollows, the fields, the people that still cling to our freedom.

Eschew the politics of today, the Parties, their insatiable thirst for power.  The great hive of our capital, swarming of agents, lobbyists, power brokers, bureaucrats and our “august” leaders.

Rome burns indeed.

Our covenant has been broken, whatever survives might indeed be richer, more prosperous for some, and grander, indeed a mighty Empire seems to await us.  But it will not be our America, not from the flicker of freedom of the great Republic that was lit in 1776.

Cry for that America, she is forever gone.

Michael Finch is the Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He regularly acts as fill-in host for Frontpage’s tv show, The Glazov Gang. See the most recent episode he hosted here.

Michael Finch

Michael Finch is the Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He regularly acts as fill-in host for Frontpage Magazine's tv show, The Glazov Gang.

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