Social Media Is The Window To The Soul

social-media-logosNot so long ago, I remember a day when it was important, to the electorate, to put people in office who were of high moral character, and had to show at least the appearance of devotion to public service. Isn’t it funny how things usually come back to bite you in the backside? The world of politics may be ground zero for Murphy’s Law, karma or “what goes around, comes around.” And in today’s high tech world of social media, it may be coming around more often.

Funny how social media has turned some into self absorbed, egotistical elitists, who seem unaware that actions have consequences. It has also, in some cases, unwittingly become a window into the souls of elected officials, across the country.

With the invention of Twitter, we have learned more than we ever wanted to know about what lurks in the hearts of men, and Anthony Weiner. In Missouri, Twitter has been the vehicle to expose hatred and racism in the heart of one state senator.

IMG_5266Last week, Jamilah Nasheed, a democrat from the fifth district, in St. Louis, tweeted two statements of hate toward conservatives, and a link to an editorial, in which she rivals the caliber of race-baiting often heard from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Not only does she disparage “right wing idiots!” she embellishes with classless expletives, and antagonizes her followers with, “and YEAH the Senator said it!!!!”

She obviously has little regard for how she appears to the electorate. And why should she?

So, while it is clear she has a certain disdain for conservatives, it is equally clear she sees value in maintaining and furthering the divide between races as well as attacking a free market culture, both of which perpetuate a culture of dependence on government, inhibit a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. In her editorial she promotes percentage politics and does more than suggest minorities have intentionally been discriminated against in awarding government contracts, among other things.

“The essential purpose of the disparity study is to establish for blacks and minorities their percentage share of the billions in contracts awarded annually by the State of Missouri based upon evidence that the state has historically excluded them from this huge economic pie because of their race.”

When politicians put messages out, like these, with abandon, and no concern for consequence? Is it any wonder that the culture of America is in such sad shape?

And then, there is the issue of the “casting stones at glass houses” effect. Perhaps it is Nasheed that thrives on fomenting hate and not conservatives, whites and Missouri state government.

During the November 2012 election cycle, St. Louis promoted a statewide ballot inititative that would return control of their police department to the city. In an interview with St. Louis’ Riverfront Times, Nasheed accuses government of oppressing blacks through a “structure built on evil and hatred.” While the issue was politically explosive and much more complicated than just wresting oversight from the state, she once again interjects discrimination and race into an issue that wasn’t even part of the debate.

“There are only two cities in the whole country [St. Louis and Kansas City] that don’t control their police department. You’re talking about the commission structure built on evil and hatred.

It came about because you had a Confederate governor, Claiborne Fox Jackson, who didn’t want the pro-union police officers to protect black folks in the Civil War. As a result of that, there was a commission created, and the person that controlled the board of commissioners was [confederate sympathizer] John Brownlee.”

In the present day political culture, it is so easy to play the race card. But it is past time to ask who is really responsible for racial divide. And more so, why do we continue to support representation that stoops to such low and classless tactics to perpetuate their own careers?

We really don’t need to wait for karma or “what goes around, comes around” to kick in. Perhaps we should herald the onset of the technological age. Social media has a magical ability to flush out hypocrites, deviants and egotists. We just need to be smarter in recognizing that which is smacking us in the face, and once again remember the power we all possess in our own ability to apply consequence to bad behavior.

Lisa Payne- Naeger

Lisa Payne-Naeger works to educate and inform members of the Grassroots movement, and others, through activism, being a citizen lobbyist, writing for, ( blogging, hosting a weekly internet radio program and working with the Grassroots activist organization, Missouri Grassroots Coalition. You can read Lisa at Culture Vigilante, Homeschooling United, Guardian Ad Litem Reform and get Lisa's radio programming schedule at Missouri Grassroots Coalition.

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