Rush Limbaugh Speaks and People Still Listen.

Rush_limbaugh-cigar1Rush Limbaugh has been the Conservative voice of talk radio since 1988 and last week he celebrated his 25th year on the air.  There are usually two reactions when his name is mentioned. It is either outrage and disgust or a sincere love for the man and his voice. I am sure there are the many closet listeners who won’t admit that they listen to him, too.  After all, it takes a keen ear to decipher his humorous, sarcastic arrogance and his ability to convey political issues into meaningful common sense. Nevertheless, when Rush Limbaugh speaks both Liberals and Conservatives listen.

Last week, Limbaugh made a rare appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s show On The Record. The next day all the talking heads were abuzz with reaction to Rush. It is quite incredible that a man who makes a living talking politics behind a radio microphone creates such a stir in the news world. He has never held a political office but is one of the most talked about voices in the political world. Our own gave him the title of the #1 Conservative Supermen on radio. Both Liberals and Conservatives have often asked him why he is the most talked about man in regards to the voice of politics. I think Liberals often scratch their head, in disbelief, to know what to do with the man and his voice. However, to those who understand conservatism, they listen because Limbaugh represents their ideals in regards to the founding principles of this country.

There is nothing politically correct about Rush and this is refreshing to the Conservatives and frustrating to the Progressive thinkers. He has the natural ability to talk through the political issues of the day in a genuinely real voice. There are no talking points and no agendas unless a call of action is needed (Example: Operation Chaos and getting out the vote for Hillary Clinton in the 08’ primary).  His humor often softens the tone of the outrageous issues that so often permeates the political news world. Many listeners tune in to hear his reaction because his perspective makes sense out of the nonsensical.

Twenty five years is a dedication in any profession. Rush Limbaugh has earned his place of respect among listeners because he stays true to conservative principles. His message never changes and this is why so many Conservatives still continue to listen. It is also why Liberals still try and refute his message on a daily basis.

If you are one of the few who have never listened to Rush Limbaugh behind the EIB microphone, I encourage you to listen.  He is still the voice of Conservatism. He understands his audience and respects their voices. And for all you regular listeners and Ditto Heads, let’s keep tuning in to the Mayor of Realville and his Excellence in Broadcasting.

Julie Klose

Virginia Politichick Julie Klose is a freelance writer and blogger. Julie covers all topics related to US and foreign politics but is particularly passionate about social issues. She is pro-life and has interviewed different people and organizations within the pro-life movement. Julie has been featured on several radio shows for her conservative opinions. She is a contributing writer and content editor for When she is not dabbling in political writing, she enjoys blogging on her personal blog site at where she mixes it up about faith, family, and politics. You can find Julie on Twitter @thevelvetbrick1 or on her Facebook page The Velvet Brick.

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