clementCatch and release is exciting in sport fishing shows. The fisherman pulls in a huge bass and holds it up for all to see and photograph. He then puts it back in the water to swim another day.

It is not so exciting when it is a matter of terrorists.

Our president has stated many times that al Qaida is on the run, almost extinct. The ironic thing is that al Qaida doesn’t seem to believe Obama, as  this week’s high-level security alert proves, causing many embassies in the Middle East to be evacuated by Western countries.

Seems the United States played catch and release to Ibraham al-Rubaish, a Saudi al Qaida leader in the Arabian Peninsula. He had been captured and held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was released in 2006. It is my understanding that he has been held in several of our criminal institutions as well.  Al-Rubaish has been released from each one.

Believing that these terrorists are rehabilitated and have magically turned into our friends proves one thing: we cannot learn.

According to Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, all of the chatter that is being intercepted by our covert operatives is reminiscent of September 11, 2001. This is not a coincidence, as we are very close to the anniversary of the terror attacks on both 9/11/01 and 9/11/2013.

We cannot change how these groups feel about us and our leaders don’t seem to understand that we are dealing with a culture that does not think anything like us. We have no common ground to begin from and cannot build peaceful, productive talks on a foundation of sand.

Why are we in Yemen? Our presence and the use of drones in Yemen is not aiding our cause against al Qaeda.  We are making the civilians angry because their families are collateral damage from the hits on al Qaeda officers.

For that matter, why were we in Libya? What is going on in Syria? Do we have any business there? It is doubtful.  Why did we interfere with our ally, Mubarack, in Egypt?  Mubarack’s Egypt and Israel are the only two true allies we have or had in the Middle East.  Why are we chastising them? Obama’s beloved Pakistan withheld the location of one of our most wanted for five years.  Our enemies are receiving our foreign aid money, but what are we getting in return?

What is the real agenda that is driving these decisions by our government?  In my opinion, we need to leave these areas and let them resolve their differences in their own ways.

We have allowed so many people from these terrorist regions into our country—including the Tsarnaev brothers who killed and maimed so many in Boston this year.  They were well treated; they took advantage of our schools and our way of life.  But for them, all our kindness was translated as weakness and their beliefs drove them to kill innocent people.

Shouldn’t our military budget be spent on protecting our borders instead of investing in drones? It seems this would create many more jobs, including immigration staff that could keep up with the people who are already here, assisting them toward lawful paths of citizenship.

The Middle East will never change. Their battles have been raging for thousands of years.

This path of drones and assassinations is nothing more than the agenda of our little tin gods who have stumbled into power. It is an ego trip for the few, while risking the many.

It puts our citizens in harm’s way at great cost, with no potential gain.  I believe we should demand its end immediately.  We can start in 2014.

Candace Hardin Littlejohn

Georgia PolitiChick Candace Hardin Littlejohn lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in Western North Carolina. She has been greatly influenced in her writing by the culture in the Appalachians. Candace attributes her love of words to her Mother, who taught her to read at four years old. She is the creator and publisher of the literary magazine, Bohemian Renaissance, a magazine designed to launch emerging writers to publication, while providing good literature and art free to the community. Candace is 100% fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin. She loves dogs and spending time with friends and family. Visit Candace's website:

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