No ($40,000) DOG Left Behind

6a010535222d03970c0133f267f2ec970b-500piWhat will $40,000 get you in today’s world? All sorts of things…

  • A new car
  • A down payment on a $400,000 home
  • Groceries for a family of four for roughly five years
  • Salary plus benefits for the average, middle-class American worker
  • A one-way ticket for the president’s dog BO to fly to their vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard

Crazy eh? In a world where our troops are going without hot meals, government employees are being furloughed, Americans can only find part-time work, White House tours have been discontinued and a slew of other painful impacts from this sequester, our president, the man who so adamantly proclaims he is in touch with and cares for the middle class, spent $40,000 of their hard-earned dollars on flying his dog ONE WAY separately to their vacation home. Can you imagine the outrage if President Bush had done this? Obama hasn’t been impeached over real scandals like Benghazi and the IRS, but I would bet money the Democrats would have found a way to impeach Bush for a $40,000 plane ride for his pups.

Most ironic of all is that we are talking about a man who has shamed the rich and vilified them from the very beginning of his political career, making jabs at those who make $250,000 a year and implying they fly around on their personal jets. Perhaps he has been projecting all along because clearly he is making way more than the supposed “evil wealthy” and is flying around in a personal jet that costs you and I lots and lots of money. At least rich people pay for their own jets and don’t send Americans the bill.

I have to admit, it baffles me that Democrats don’t see the hypocrisy in this administration and that both Obama’s are more about “talking the talk” than “walking the walk.” Obama with his “the rich should pay their fair share” nonsense and Michelle with her “eat less, move more” rhetoric, while she chows down on a double cheeseburger followed up with a chocolate milkshake. They may have the art of talking a lot and saying nothing down to a science.

When you bring up the vacations the typical defense is “Bush did this… and that…” instead of saying, “You’re right, Americans are going without in many ways, our First Family should be setting an example and going without as well.” And I realize we have much bigger issues with the president than his vacations–but it is the absolute hypocrisy of his actions that remind us all that his character is simply lacking. When many Americans can barely afford groceries, we have a president who not only takes lavish vacations but goes a step further, paying for his dog to fly separately to their vacation home. It’s such an obnoxious gesture that it almost seems as if he’s doing this deliberately, to throw it in our faces.

Of course it should be noted here the American media has not picked this story up and that I originally saw it via the UK Telegraph. I guess having a president who is willing to leave Americans behind in say, Benghazi, but not his dog for a family vacation, makes for a fairly unpopular article in their opinion.

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