My (Puppy) Pal Palin

puppyThere are two types of people in this world: those who love dogs and those who need to seek serious counseling to figure out what is wrong with them because they don’t love dogs. A good rule of thumb is the saying, “Never trust people who don’t like dogs – and never trust someone your dog doesn’t like.” No other animal can show us such devotion and affection or provide us with such loyal companionship. As this heartwarming song and video “God and Dog” by Wendy Francisco illustrates, it is no coincidence those two words are palindromes.

Aesop’s Fable of The Thief and the House Dog illustrates why political candidates should be chosen by canines:

“A Thief came in the night to break into a house. He brought with him several slices of meat, that he might pacify the House-dog, so that he should not alarm his master by barking. As the Thief threw him the pieces of meat, the Dog said: “If you think to stop my mouth, to relax my vigilance, or even to gain my regard by these gifts, you will be greatly mistaken. This sudden kindness at your hands will only make me more watchful, lest under these unexpected favors to myself you have some private ends to accomplish for your own benefit, and for my master’s injury. Besides, this is not the time that I am usually fed, which makes me all the more suspicious of your intentions.”

Moral of Aesop’s Fable: He who offers bribes needs watching, for his intentions are not honest.

As Will Rogers said, “I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.” This is why you would never see a dog talking on an Obamaphone. Dogs are very patriotic and Tea Partiers by nature. YouTube hosts tons of videos of dogs welcoming home their soldiers. However, a search of “Cats Welcoming Soldiers Home” turned up zero responses. Cats are by nature Democrats.

Dogs become members of the family. Therefore the loss of a dog is a grief incomparable to any other. This is why I do not watch “dog movies” – the dog is never going to make it to the closing credits. Dogs are not quite human, yet they are more than a mere animal. Because they are each one of kind originals, replacing a dog we have lost with a new one will never make us forget or completely heal the sadness we experience. I felt this in February 2012 after I lost my little Madeline. Though she was thirteen she had always appeared to be in very good health, so her sudden passing came as a complete shock. There was no doubt I would one day adopt another dog, but I needed much time to grieve. Also, since I was very involved with several campaigns during the 2012 election season, I knew it would be best to wait until after the November election before I even began to look for another dog.

It was a long, long time between February and November. I had literally never been without a dog at any time before in my life. It was strange to come home without a dog to greet me at the door. It was unnerving to hear a bump in the night and not to have a dog bark out a warning if it was in fact something about which to be concerned. It was lonely to watch a movie and not have my Maddie to curl up with on the couch. Friends and family members continually sought out potential adoptee dogs for me, but I knew the time just wasn’t right.

I am a huge fan of “The Great One” Mark Levin, both in his writing, his radio program and his work with dog charities. After listening to him for so long, I decided I wanted to adopt a rescue dog rather than a puppy. But when the time finally came, I had no definite idea of a size, color, or breed. There was just an inner knowledge that I would know her when I saw her. One week after the November election during twenty minutes of free time, I did my first (and only) web search for the newest addition to my family. The minute I saw her adorable little face I realized for myself what author Lloyd Alexander meant when he wrote, “She had no particular breed in mind, no unusual requirements. Except the special sense of mutual recognition that tells dog and human they have both come to the right place.” I found her at Peanut’s Place, a small breed rescue about an hour from my hometown. She had been rescued from a puppy mill and no one was certain of her name, her age or even what breed of dog she was. But she was incredibly smart and sweet and I knew she was “the one” immediately.

But now that I had adopted my dog, she needed a name. While looking online for potential names I discovered that Winston Churchill apparently named several of his dogs “Rufus.” When introducing his second dog with this name, Churchill is said to have explained, “His name is Rufus II—but the II is silent.” Because I had adopted a girl dog, I ruled out both the name Rufus and Winston. But then, because my last name is “Todd” I thought of Sarah Palin’s husband. I have never met Todd Palin, but based on what I know about him I admire him greatly. Then I thought, if there’s a Todd Palin, why not have a Palin Todd? And thus my pal, Palin, had a name.

As I said, I have never met Todd Palin, but I did have the honor of meeting Sarah Palin on November 22, 2009. It was an encounter I will always remember and cherish – and I’d like to think she remembers me as well. But I seriously doubt it. It was during her book tour for Going Rogue. I had just got a job working third shift and found out she was going to be in Roanoke, Virginia, that coming Saturday night. So, after getting off work Friday morning at 3 a.m., a friend and I took off to Roanoke to camp out overnight for our chance to meet Sarah. We arrived at the mall for the signing around 9 p.m. the night before the event. More than 200 people were already there camping out in the 27 degree weather. By the next morning there would be well over 2,000 people waiting in line and I would have made several great new Conservative friends. I have never been in such a large, harmonious, friendly, and intelligent group of people. If only Conservatives could have their own country free from Liberal intrusion, that type of experience could last forever!

When the time finally arrived to meet Governor Palin, I presented her with my two books for signing, shook her hand, told her she was in my prayers every day and thanked her for the brave stand she took for our freedom and liberty. I have the highest esteem for Sarah Palin of any living person on earth. The slander and abuse she has taken at the hands of those who live by Alinsky’s rules is unimaginable – and were any of us to rise to the same level of fame, is there any doubt we would have to endure the same? She has taken the beating those on the Left wish to administer to all of us – and not only survived but thrived! Her service to our cause, and her eternal reward, are without equal. I don’t remember what the Governor answered back because it suddenly dawned on me, “I am shaking hands with the one and only Sarah Palin!” I kind of walked off in a daze – and left my books behind on the table. After I exited the area, one of the event directors instructed me to go back and pick up my books. I sheepishly went back over to the table, scooped up my books, nodded to Sarah as she was greeting another fellow Conservative, and then hurriedly walked away. I’m sure when she and I meet again for a longer and more in depth discussion we will have a good laugh over the whole incident.

I often think about how great it would be if it were possible to initially discern on which side of the political spectrum people fell. If we could immediately tell if someone was a Liberal or a Conservative it would save so much time, effort, and frustration. My canine pal Palin now helps me realize this dream. She serves as a sort of Liberal radar detector (or Lib-dar). Whenever I share her name with folks I find out immediately which side they are own. I can tell just by their response of “Ohhhh!” or “Huh????” This has led to several interesting encounters. My landlady who absolutely loves dogs but is the staunchest Democrat I’ve ever met, will not even say Palin’s name. She just calls her, “Girl.”

When I shared Palin’s name with a group of co-workers, one of them, an obnoxiously self-righteous enlightened Progressive, loudly made the shockingly misogynistic comment, “Well, that’s a perfect name for a (b-word).” I fired back, “Ladies and gentleman, behold the tolerant non-judgmental Left.” The resulting laughter that then humilated this miscreant was priceless. When he tried to come back by sarcastically inquiring, “Well, can she Russia from your house?” I told him, “No, and Sarah Palin never said that. But she may have been to all 57 states.” When the Lib then replied, “I didn’t know Sarah Palin said that.” I answered him, “Because she didn’t. It was your President.” I then pulled up the YouTube video on my smartphone and shared it with the entire group. When the shocked Lib then wondered aloud, “Why haven’t I heard this before?” I told him it was because he was listening to the ignorant Palin-bashers instead of the truth. Priceless again – and all thanks to my pal Palin.

I like to feel that just as the incomparable undefeated Sarah Palin continues in her crusade to save our nation, my pal Palin and I are conducting one of our own – even if it is on a much smaller scale. And, who knows, maybe one day my pal Palin and the Governor can get together to share war stories and discuss strategies.

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