Madison Rising & Ava Aston: Yes, Republicans DO Rock!

From NY PolitiChick Ava Aston:  “One of many Parody videos I have made for my compadres at ~ In them I make light of many stereotypes and misconceptions about different political ideologies. So many left-leaning people seem to have this idea that they are too cool for school and Republicans/Conservatives are not hip or funny. Well… Greek Girl’s got news for them!   In this episode I play an intern who gets introduced to the great Pro American Rock Band Madison Rising. Who knew you could love God, Guns, our Military, America and make great music at the same time!”

See all of Ava’s parody videos here at and  also on her Greek Girl Parody Video Channel.

Ava Aston

For information about Ava Aston visit, or email: [email protected] or you can download all of her music at iTunes.

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