From Facebook to Twitter to Kaleio – Helping Americans Hungry for Jobs

KaleioDC March for Jobs on Monday, July 15 brought together an inspiring group in Washington across a very wide political and societal spectrum. Americans have a long history of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and drive to work hard. So in a down economy with high unemployment, some job seekers are looking for new ways to connect with employers seeking the right fit for their employ. And in the face of an explosion of social media from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, who’s breaking new ground?, a fresh social media website, describes itself as ‘industry specific networking for everyday people.’ The site offers a new level of quality networking for everyday working class (mechanics, construction workers, firefighters, etc) as well as CEO types.

I spoke with Adam Navarette, Kaleio’s Director of Social Media Marketing, who shared the vision of the site’s founder that Kaleio would, “connect people by what they do for a living, not only connect them, but give them the tools to make the workday easier or provide the tools to get through the workday.”

Traditionally we see networking happen at job fairs, college campuses, through social contacts, job posting sites, headhunters and the like. Kaleio however, offers an innovative, effective and efficient tool for connection with quick information on what their site does in the Kaleio intro video. And the site connects not only employer/employees, but also one professional with another, forging business relationships that allow one to even refer work to another when the need arises.

In order to get more acquainted with the Kaleio community, I signed myself up and checked out all the tools this site offers the workforce community.

Your newsfeed contains content from the industry you specify. Members can also subscribe and access industry news from any other industry selected. Also, if you want to explore working in a different industry, you can subscribe to that industry’s newsfeed updates.

In the ‘Solutions’ section members can access ‘solutions’ from job and opportunity offerings, job seeking, and troubleshooting questions to name a few. A couple listed were ‘looking for info on starting a foundation’, ‘looking for eight leaders who want to capitalize on…’ and ‘what is the best path for getting education for…’

In the ‘Events’ section there are events anywhere from cheese expos and charity runs to home building shows and the National Electrical Wire Processing event.

In the ‘Marketplace’ section members can post jobs directly to Kaleio, but job seekers can pull jobs not only from Kaleio, but also Kaleio recently partnered with (the number one job searching site) to populate the marketplace section within Kaleio. Jobs, products, special offers and the like are also posted here.

In the ‘Boardroom’ members can ‘Invite connections to organize internal events or engage in private discussions, plan a surprise group gift for a coworker, solicit group feedback on an idea, and discuss a policy change.’ Boardroom gives essentially the functionality as go2meeting and it’s free – users can record and share messages to make scheduling and the workday better or easier.

In addition, Kaleio works with companies, educational institutions and various entities providing an internal, customized social network within their organization. The entire site is the company’s own social network to engage that group’s own members with similar platform to Kaleio.

Kaleio provides a powerful online and soon to be mobile app tool for all of those out there trying to build relationships in the ‘workforce community.’ Professionals can discover new opportunities and give increased opportunity to Americans who are looking to connect with others in all areas of the professional community.

The DC March for Jobs brought out one of the greatest aspects of America and her people: the drive to work hard and pursue excellence no matter who you are or where you came from. We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our lives here in America. Kaleio has, at its heart, a deep desire and unique ability to help Americans do and be great at what they choose to pursue. This is an example of Americans pursuing excellence, happiness, while helping one another without government intervention and getting in the way.

Kaleio can be found at, on Twitter @Kaleio, Facebook at with over 16,000 followers.

Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing a CPA license. She is a contributor for and operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

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