Commander-in-Chief Seems to Loathe His Troops

cover060313Who is the President of a country supposed to support? All the citizens of his country should be his concern. Keeping his country safe and sovereign should be his priority. Likewise as a Commander in chief his concern should be with the safety and well being of his troops. Why is it then that this President of our United States only represents a small portion of this country and seems by his actions and inactions to truly loathe the very troops that he commands?

When a U.S. president scales back funding to NASA and tells them to use their funds for a “Muslim outreach program”, that is not in this country’s best interest. A U.S. President, who bows to Saudi kings, apologizes for his country’s exceptionalism and issues anti American executive orders makes his country look weak and groveling.

It is bad enough that this current administration is always belittling and begrudging our own country but now they have truly gone too far. Barack Obama, in his greedy and hurried attempt to implement his “train wreck “of a health care plan, (acknowledged as such by his own Democrat Sen. Max Baucus) has begun by denying his own troops their contractual health care that they have earned and are owed. My own son has had their Tri-Care co-pays double for their autistic son. Obama is threatening that Tri-Care co-pays will triple for retirees as soon as implementation begins next year and soldiers and families who currently receive “free” healthcare under Tri-Care will soon be paying deductibles. This seems outrageous considering the fact that these soldiers signed contracts that promised them these benefits (and well-earned benefits, I might add).

In addition to trying to deny American military men and women their many due benefits, Obama has seen fit to pay for his multi-million dollar vacations on the backs of our military men and women. He has instituted military budget cuts and furloughs. He ordered every Garrison Commander to put out press releases claiming that no one will be affected. Very funny! The budget cuts and ensuing furloughs have closed our commissaries, ended children’s programs on posts and bases, increased wait times to see doctors or receive medical treatment and basically ended any quality of life enhancements that the military worked so hard to build.  (The “quality of life” benefits were instituted to help combat the high suicide rates among the military) On top of this, due to the fact that civilians are no longer working in many positions on posts and bases, our military men and women are filling those roles. Soldiers, Marines, Air Men and Seamen, do not receive overtime. I hear civilians squawking all the time about military pay and benefits being too high. I have to laugh; an E-4 who has been in 4 years makes a salary of $2,305.03 a month! Do you know how many hours they work, how many months a year they are gone for training, how many years they are gone due to deployments?

Now this man is causing our military men and women to work round the clock. Yes, I do know this for a fact; my own husband is now filling those empty civilian slots. If he works a 24-hour shift he doesn’t get overtime–he doesn’t get paid at all!  One of the guys in his unit was jokingly tabulating the pay and after adding up their hours divided by their pay they were making 48 cents an hour. No, these guys and gals aren’t in it for the pay but they do desire to be able to make a livable wage to care for their families; the benefits promised were to make up for lack of pay and now even the benefits are being taken away, eroding daily.

I just have to wonder what kind of animosity this president harbors for the troops he commands? He did not protect them in Benghazi; he did not protect or try to rescue Beau Bergdahl; he is protecting Nidal Hassan, the Muslim terrorist who murdered 13 at Ft Hood; and he is not arming our soldiers.

And now, the final slap in the face is that Obama is taking our military’s contractual benefits while making them work round the clock shifts. I guess you have to cut back somewhere, so the Partier-in-Chief can afford his monthly multi-million dollar vacations…

Amber Stivers

Kansas PolitiChick Amber Stivers is the outspoken wife of an active duty soldier and mother of five bright beautiful boys.Amber studied Political Science at the University of Maryland University Europe. Her passion is fighting for life, liberty and justice for all. Amber Stiver's blog is called Politically Propitious (or under the sobriquet "Politically Propitious Warrior Princess"). Find Amber's blog at:

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