Colorado’s Anti-2nd Amendment Attack Continues

gunThe state of Colorado has been under an intense attack by anti-2nd amendment people since the 2012 election. Not only have the people of Colorado had to endure the passing of several new gun laws during this past legislative session against their will and support but it seems now that attack has escalated to what you may or may not be able to possess in your own home!

The latest development came as a shock when a property management company, Ross Management Group, sent notices to all the residents of a senior public housing apartment complex in Castle Rock, Colorado on August 1 that they would no longer be able to possess firearms after Oct 1, 2013. The letter stated that they have updated the “community policies” to include “firearms and weapons are prohibited,” also stating “residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.”

Perhaps Ross Management Group was counting on senior citizens that didn’t know about their rights as Americans or maybe they were banking on tenants that aren’t concerned with their 2nd Amendment at all. What they didn’t count on, was retired US Marine Art Dorsch, 77, who didn’t fall into either of these two categories. He was outraged as all Americans should be if any such letter was sent to them under any circumstance. Is this the result of the outrageous gun laws that are now on the books in Colorado? Is this the result of an overly sensitive litigious country? Or perhaps, just the result of the owner of Ross Management Company’s political stance as she & her husband have given $9,000 in donations only to democrats since 2006. I mean, there is a saying in a politics…just follow the money. The disturbing thing about this story remains that this company, whatever their reasons are, is just putting a giant bull’s eye on their tenants for criminals who are looking for helpless victims for burglaries or worse. Not to mention Colorado HB-1224 which by its very definition criminalizes the private exchange of a firearm. So, what would happen to the firearms of these tenants had this been enforced? That is a question that remains to be seen.

I give kudos to Local 9 news reporter, Kyle Clark, for first breaking this story so that in the 24 hours since it aired, the Douglas County Commissioners along with the Douglas County Housing Authority called emergency board meetings to discuss the implications of this gun ban in which they concluded according to a DHA spokesperson that “It is unconstitutional to prohibit the legal possession of a gun or firearm on public housing property.” They also stated that they never allowed the property management company permission to implement such an infringement on personal rights such as this.

According to lawyer Robert B. Wareham of The Law Center, P.C.,  “Those rights [2nd amendment] aren’t any different than a right not to be discriminated against based on your race or your gender.”

The fact remains that this property management company tried to disarm its tenants. That is bothersome in and of itself in so many ways. Does it have anything to do with their left leaning political views? Perhaps. Do all democrats (not just those in political office) now have the audacity that their belief trumps the constitution? Do they realize that they were basically making their tenants sitting ducks for countless crimes? I don’t have the answers to all those questions, but if any lesson should be drawn from this situation it’s that you don’t mess with the Marines…retired or not!

I also give major props to Art Dorsch, who as you can tell from his interview contacted the property management company right away, took his handwritten notes along with a highlighter to outline the letter with what he was told that he had 1 of 3 options: 1. Keep his firearms and move out; 2. Get rid of his firearms and stay; or 3. Keep his firearms and be forced out. Well, they didn’t count on options #4 and #5. Contact a lawyer and get the local news involved!

As the daughter of a Marine myself, I say Semper Fi Mr. Dorsch and thank you for continuing to fight the good fight. I refuse to let yours, my father’s or anyone else’s service be in vain as we see our country heading down a slippery slope with regard to our liberty. The 2nd Amendment may possibly be the most important as I have said many times, without the 2nd all others become moot. It may also be the most bi-partisan issue of our time. In my experience, whether I am talking with democrats, independents or republicans, most of the time it is with this issue we all agree there is no compromise.

Our 2nd amendment reads: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It is time we stand together and not let our 2nd amendment continue to be infringed upon.

Carisa Zglobicki

Colorado PolitiChick Carisa Zglobicki is a wife, mother and is new to political activism. While she didn't grow up in a conservative home, Carisa says she always felt drawn to conservative values.  Carisa married her high school sweetheart and together they have 4 children. She works part time from home and home schools her children. In 2011, Carisa heard Herman Cain's CPAC speech and began to take an interest in politics. She took his words to stay Inspired, stay Informed and stay Involved as a call to action, and a week later she joined the grassroots campaign for Herman Cain. Since then, she has joined American Conservatives of Color, been a guest co-host on Grassroots Radio Colorado and is becoming involved in PolitiChicks as a way to jump into citizen journalism.

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