Benghazi Fallen To Possibly Receive Congressional Gold Medal

1149075_689919187688228_702047521_nRecently I saw this picture (above) on Freedom From Tyranny’s Facebook page.  This very poignant picture is screaming to anyone who can hear.  Although nothing can bring these wonderful and brave men back to life, justice needs to be served.  It is disheartening, frustrating and downright scary that no one is this government has taken responsibility for leaving our Americans in such danger that it took their very lives.

However, our fallen in Benghazi may soon receive some recognition for their sacrifices.

“They went above and beyond the call of duty,” Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told ABC News. With nine fellow Republican co-sponsors, Hunter introduced legislation that would posthumously award ex-SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty the Congressional Gold Medal, one of the highest honors given by Congress.

Woods and Doherty, who served nearly three decades in the Navy between them before their discharge, were working as independent contractors with the CIA in Libya when they were killed together on the rooftop of a CIA annex in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012.  Hours earlier, Woods had raced from the annex to the aid of Americans in another U.S. diplomatic facility that had come under attack, trapping U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and several other officials. While under fire, Woods and his colleagues evacuated the facility and ferried it’s the survivors to the nearby CIA annex. However, they were too late to save Ambassador Stevens and computer specialist Sean Smith, who both died as a result of the attack.  Doherty, who was in Tripoli when word of the initial assault came through, was part of a response team that rushed to charter a private plane to fly into Benghazi to help their distressed colleagues. After arriving at the CIA facility in Benghazi hours later, Doherty went to the roof to check on Woods.”

To all the bleeding hearts like Jane Fonda who recently said that veterans of the Vietnam War should “Get a life”, lest you never forget, freedom is never free.  The reason rude and ungrateful types (like Fonda and all reborn hippies) can burn our flag and make fun of our military is because of the ones who offer up their souls on the front lines of this great nation.

Men and women in uniform leave the comfort of their homes and the arms of their loved ones to fight for our freedom.

No one wants war.  No one wants to die from a barrage of bullets or the hot blast of a bomb, at the hands of people with evil intent.  No one wants to abandon their families and saddle them with worry and loss in the lonely hours of years going by. No one wants this life, not even the “war mongering Republicans.

The obnoxious rhetoric from the lazy Left is merely grating at this point and makes them look stupid.  When President Reagan was alive, he touted that Democrats were not stupid they were just wrong.  I wonder what he would think now.

We are still a young country, but history has proven unequivocally that Liberal ideology does not work.  It can’t.  Extreme power tends to develop into totalitarianism when extremist politicians control a country.  Corruption and greed are apt to spread.

We must stand united for freedom and humanity—and fight the tyranny that is quickly spreading throughout our country.  And for anyone that needs a close up and personal look at the cost of freedom?  Go visit a military rehab facility.  This should give you a good reality check.

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