A Baby Named “Messiah”

963482463001_2598802970001_video-still-for-video-2598939491001Reading Yahoo’s homepage can be a bit odd these days, but when I saw one particular story my noggin nearly exploded. If you have not heard, a mother in Newport, Tennessee named her baby Messiah. She was in court to argue the last name of her baby with the baby’s father–but when Judge Lu Ann Ballew heard the baby’s first name, she ordered the 7-month old boy’s name be changed from Messiah to Martin.  Judge Ballew said only one person earned the name Messiah, and “that one person is Jesus Christ.”

Now I’m all for being creative, unique and rolling how you want to. After all, isn’t that what individualism is all about? However at a certain point you have to stop and ask yourself, is this creative or just plain stupid? So I have to say kudos to Judge Ballew!

I guess it all boils down to where we are today as a society, and as a country. There seem to be no more boundaries.  If people don’t like something they just jump up and down and scream that it “violates their civil rights”.  If an actor goes to rehab, he or she is almost guaranteed another movie or TV role.  Then of course the media acts shocked when that actor ends up dead in his hotel room from an overdose.  Or if a singer beats up his girlfriend, awesome–lets give him another Grammy. Better yet, lets buy more of his singer girlfriend’s records after she goes back to him. If we keep rewarding mediocrity and trying to make everything “fair” for everyone… what is the point of working hard? What is the point of working to achieve anything?  Let’s just be as wacky and kooky as possible and do things like naming our babies whatever the heck we want. In the name of “fairness”, why should anything, anywhere, anytime, ever be off limits to anyone anymore?

In this way of thinking, naming a child “Messiah” is just fine; after all, why on earth should we have to respect anything like the title of Jesus?

What I find most ironic about this whole trend of making the world “fair” for everyone is people who do not believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ but who want to take Biblical terms and use them on themselves. Gay “marriage” is a perfect example of this. As a Christian, I believe “marriage” is between one man and one woman. I cannot for the life of me understand why a gay person who is living in a way that the Bible specifically does not condone would want to take a Biblical term and slap it onto their lifestyle. Actually yes, I do… because the term “marriage”, in some subliminal way it might be a form of approval for them–approval for which they so desperately are seeking.  That being said, I do believe that if the Government recognizes “marriage” for straight people, then there should be something to legally cover the gay community.  Call it “civil union” or anything else– but in my book, calling it marriage is just wrong.

When I read the comments on the Yahoo story about “Messiah/Martin”, I saw a lot of angry atheists out there. Some people said we were becoming like Iran. Unfortunately, when people spew things that they know nothing about (such as life in Iran) it only breeds more misinformation. In Iran you are not allowed to be anything other than Muslim -­‐ period. They actually put people’s hands into shredders and cold meat slicers for doing something as bad as “reading a Bible”. (See stories here) If you are seen with a cross or Bible or anything Christian in a Muslim country, it can lead to real torture (not waterboarding) such as rape, and/or off with your head. So making a comment that the United States is similar to Iran is absurd.

As much as some people want to scrub “Christianity” from America’s foundation, read the documents and open your mind—or possibly change the channel—because it’s all there.  So even though we are made up of many types of religions, Christianity is not “forced” on all United States Citizens. We allow Muslims to build mosques, to run for and hold public office, and yet they set up terrorist training camps all over the United States, many while receiving SSI.  On the flip side, in Iran and throughout the Middle East, Islam is forced on its citizens—and they also kill people for being gay. I’m pretty sure if I showed up in Iran with my cross and Bible asking for public assistance, free housing and to run for office, it would not end well for Greek Girl. Just sayin.

But back to the baby naming…It seems to me that we are living in a time when things are all mixed up. Down is up, up is down, good is considered bad, bad is praised as good and on and on. We actually had a nationally known television anchor Ann Curry recently tell Christian actor Kirk Cameron that his views “represent hate speech”. (See article) Where is the outrage from the Christian community for Curry’s attack on Christianity? No one seems to be concerned about that.

So to summarize, in the Liberal mindset we can do whatever we want, take whatever we want, say whatever we want as long as it does not offend gay people, minorities, or anything that is Not Christian. So it is perfectly OK then to name your child Messiah because no one really seems to care about Christianity in America anymore. One can argue about “separation of church and state” until the cows come home—but Judge Ballew was not forcing a “religion” on anyone. She was simply setting a precedent for respect and common decency, in stating that under her watch she was not going to allow the name of something so wonderful to be made common.  Sadly, respect and common decency are two things that seem to be in very short supply these days.

Ava Aston

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