What Exactly Are “Best Interests?”

Liberalitus_DemocratusHow many of you fellow conservative women have found yourself in a debate with a liberal, and no matter what topic you’re discussing they somehow accuse you of “voting against your own best interests?” You could be talking about Israel, farm subsidies, immigration, yet the moment they start to lose the debate (which they always do) they toss out the “best interests” dig. Sure, I know it’s just a deflection because they can’t continue on with facts and logic, but after about the 100th time it has started to sit with me.

What exactly do they mean? What are my “own best interests”?  I know what they’re alluding to – the whole abortion argument and that if I’m supporting a Republican ticket and if I’m pro-life I’m somehow voting against what’s best for me. I often will ask them, “Is murdering innocent babies in my own best interest? Is taking a life  what I should be focused on?” which causes them to hem and haw and accuse Republicans of trying to outlaw tampons (I am not making that up). It seems to me they only have a very vague idea of what a “best interest” involves, and it’s tightly wrapped up in a ball of progressive rhetoric.

As I’m sure many of you do, I have a list of what I think my “best interests” really are:


At this moment, there are four million immigrants waiting to enter our country legally. This means they have gone through the proper channels, have had the appropriate background checks and have shown diligence and love for our country. These legal immigrants are the people who make our country great, and they should be honored and welcomed with open arms. Instead, we have politicians who are planning to reward at least 11,000,000 criminals with citizenship.  If the Senate has its way, these criminals will be legal citizens ahead of the people who have worked for years to live here. Personally I think it is in my own “best interest” to welcome legal immigrants and not criminals. Call me crazy.


Since Obamacare was first shoved down our throats, we are already seeing negative impacts on our healthcare. Premiums are going up (my family increased nearly 30%) and the pre-existing condition portion of the law is already being overwhelmed. Not to mention the fact that the agency that is supposed to oversee the law is wrought with scandal and fraud. (I’m looking at you, IRS!).  Do we really want the out-of-control IRS controlling roughly 20% of our economy? This is definitely not in my own best interest.

For the first time in more than six years women’s unemployment has surpassed that of men and there are more women in poverty than ever before. One in 10 women is unemployed and nearly one in five is in poverty.  I wonder if improving the economy and supporting job creation might be in my own best interest, especially as a woman? Ironically, it seems a portion of the unemployment stems from small businesses freezing hiring as a reaction to Obamacare. It’s nearly impossible for our economy to truly come back when corporations are unsure what new taxes or regulations may come out of this administration.

Our Troops

Each and every day, I am thankful for the brave men and women who serve our country. They are the epitome of selflessness, giving of themselves and their families to protect our freedom. If there is any group who understands what “best interests” are, it is our military. For them, they understand our best interest is in remaining free and safe. Our troops put aside their own needs so that I and my children can have a better life and liberals can focus on their “own best interests.”

There is a common theme in my “best interests” list, and that is they all focus on the greater good versus the good of one. The liberal agenda is a very selfish one that focuses on wants versus actual needs. It preys on the weak and fools them into believing the world owes them and that they should have everything they want, even if they didn’t earn it. Liberals claim to care about the people when it’s painfully obvious they lie to and exploit them to remain in power.

It sounds to me like their agenda is really in the Democratic Party’s best interest and not the country’s.

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