The Democrat Party: Hotter Than A Herd Of Bulls In Hell

2011-06-03-digest-cartoon-2My, my, my, the Democrat Party. From Anthony Weiner in tighty-whities, to Spitzer running against his former madam. (Which is, by the way, a debate that I would happily pay for on Pay Per View!)  But, wait! It doesn’t end there! There’s more! Enter stage left, the Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner.

Bob Filner, a man who is so far left, he has removed all right turn signals from his car, has been accused of sexual harassment. The 70-year-old Mayor of America’s finest City apparently likes America’s finest women too. The list of complaints include slapping women on the backside, telling them they would do a better job at work without their panties on and making aggressive attempts at unwanted (no kidding) smooches.

This blatant sexual misconduct has prompted long time supporters, such as Former San Diego City Council Member, Donna Frye to call for Filner’s resignation. Mayor Filner quickly filmed a video apology saying that he needed professional help and sexual harassment classes. (Preferably by a female doctor, I’m sure…)

For your entertainment, here’s Mayor Filner’s video apology:

Despite outcries from Republicans and Democrats, Filner refuses to resign, but changes are happening in the randy Mayors office. Filner’s Chief of Staff has resigned and Mayor Filner has appointed Walt Ekard, as Interim Chief Operating Officer.

Recently, a Recall Bob Filner Facebook page surfaced as well. Will the damage be too great for Bob Filner to continue his mayoral duties? I don’t know. I thought Weiner was gone, but here he is running for Mayor of New York City. It didn’t hurt Bill Clinton, or apparently Anthony Weiner, former Congressman from New York who resigned but is now running for Mayor of NYC. Elliot Spitzer, Former Governor of New York, also resigned but is now running for Comptroller of NYC. Hillary Clinton (Whitewater) and naughty husband Former President Bill Clinton was almost impeached.  She moved to NY, became a Senator, and ended up Secretary of State.

You know what Bob, forget San Diego. Go back to your birthplace. New York is like the Bob Seger song:  “You can come back baby, New York always forgets.”

Sutton Porter

Sutton Porter is a conservative political satirist and pundit. She started as a stand up comic, doing political humor in comedy clubs. Performing for a campaign fundraiser she caught the attention of San Diego, CA radio host Rick Amato, with whom she worked as an on air satirist and producer at The Rick Amato Show on 1170KCBQ. Sutton has written for the Washington Times Communities, Breitbart, emceed various events, and been a guest speaker at rallies and tea parties. Behind the scenes, she has been Media Assistant to Dr. Walid Phares, who was National Security Advisor to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Sutton was the opening act for Evan Sayet's Right 2 Laugh. Her website, combines serious news stories and leaves PC at the door with a wild dose of political humor.

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