SURPRISE! Justice Actually Won One

attachmentThere’s so much to talk about in the wake of the charade the press had the audacity to give the official name “Zimmerman trial.” It should have been named the “Racism is OK if you’re black” trial.  It’s the mandating of exemption racism, the new normal.

It was interesting watching my 19 year old son’s initiation into the “It’s only racist if you’re white” mantra that has become accepted in today’s Politically Castrated America.  It went something like this:

FIRST: The open-mouthed, bug-eyed shocked silence when the words “Not Guilty” were read.  He was stunned that justice had actually worked.  This mother’s heart ached at his surprise that the outcome had been righteous.

SECOND:  The hand to the gaping mouth as Zimmerman was acquitted on all charges, and resoundingly so.

THIRD:  The slow head turn to me, the trembling finger pointing at the TV, and the shaking, almost-shouting yet somehow still reverent question, “An all-female jury did the just thing instead of the emotional thing?”  (That’s my boy!)

FOURTH:  The curled-lip disgust at Eric Holder’s resistance to justice and his irrational, mentally ill insistence that the FEDS now look into charges in a State crime.

FIFTH:  The light evaporating from his eyes, replaced by the half-closed eyelid look of emptiness, followed by the grunt, “Oh.  I see.  They’ll just keep going until they crucify Zimmerman for defending himself and telling the truth.”

SIXTH:  Asking me to turn the channel because he just couldn’t take one more act of epic a**holery by this administration.

For one brief shining moment, I saw in his eyes what must have shown in the eyes of our Founders, that sense of, “Can it be?  Can truth and right really win in a world of deception, lies, oppression, blatant thuggery and murder by the highest level of elected government?”

Well…he is, after all, the son of WARCHICK.  He has the misfortune of knowing more about Benghazi, the NSA spying, the IRS targeting, and creepy, impotent anti-American cowardice of The Clintons and Obama than anyone his age should be required to know.  He did not have the fortune of growing up under Ronald Reagan, having the first person he voted for at 18 be such a man.  He grew up hearing me call those years “The Garden of Reagan,” seeing me sigh, and then leaving the house each day, facing the reality of a nation that has taken the old Black and White photos of early 20th century racism against blacks and merely replacing it with the exact same image, only using the negative instead of the photo.

Whatever racism existed then, tolerated by the masses, is now simply reversed:  everything that was “white” then is “black” now and vice versa.

And it isn’t the first time he’s faced it.  In the past, it was at the lower level of bureaucrats, but tolerated by all levels nonetheless.

All except his mom.

There was the time in junior high when he mentioned that he thought illegals should go home and come back legally.  His ancestors had to stop at Ellis Island, have a skill they planned to use, a place to live and contacts locally, examined by a doctor for any communicable diseases (and quarantined if any were found), learn English and American History, be tested to insure that knowledge, take an oath to their new nation and throw out oaths to former nations, obey the laws of the land or face the consequences thereof, and contribute to society in a positive way.  So why shouldn’t Mexicans, he had reasoned.

But in hugely-populated-by-illegal-Mexican-farm-workers Moses Lake, WA, this was a no-no.  Especially at a place of learning, like school.

True to form, a Mexican girl who had been part of the group conversation, which took place during lunch break, ran to the school counselor, Mrs. Guzman.  As Cody sat in his 5th hour,  a runner arrived with a note asking him to go to the counseling office.

For the entire length of his 5th hour class, Mrs. Guzman went on to berate him mercilessly, angry when he stated that he had done nothing wrong, when he wanted to know why a conversation at the lunch table between 13 year olds was so serious he’d been called into her office and missed a class to be informed that his opinion, which he supported with nearly flawless critical thinking, was against school rules…somehow.

Not one of his questions were answered by this bastion of education.  No semblance of logic or truth to be found in her bug-eyed rant.  Only the great disarmer of logic, emotion, and Cody recognized this.  She had no argument, no facts, no truth on her side, but went on about how the girl who complained had a dad that came to America illegally, got caught, and was sent back for breaking the law, and he needed to be more sensitive to HER feelings.

Cody still couldn’t figure what he’d done wrong as she personalized an irrational justification for why lawbreaking was OK if you were the “correct race.”

Being my son, he knew there was no need to continue; after all, she held all the power.  He finally gave up, not wanting to miss another class while she bludgeoned him with outrageous lies that he had the audacity to call hypocrisy and illegal.

Once she felt she’d “won,” Cody was allowed to leave.  I’m sure Mrs. Guzman spent a smug afternoon congratulating herself as a warrior on the progressive front lines.

Until my phone call.  It was NOT pleasant, for her anyway.  But then, neither was her outrageous rape of the law and utter disregard for my son’s right to state the truth or an opinion without punishment.

I was shaking with rage when I called her, telling her that I would not tolerate her acceptance of law-breaking and racism (everyone forgets that racism is both elevating a race and exempting from the natural consequences of law breaking, justifying it because of long ago or perceived wrongs; it is also denying another race the rights you expect for the favored race).  My final words were along the lines of, “And don’t you dare try to pull that ‘I know better because I’m an educator’ b******t with me…I have a degree in Education, and know exactly your type.”

This was followed by an equally angry call to the Principal.  For the remainder of Cody’s 8th grade year, neither of these fools I refused to suffer would meet my eyes or come anywhere near me.

Smart move from two mental midgets educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Exemption racism is the new normal, America, because we continue to tolerate it.  George Zimmerman got truth and justice for a moment, but the new racists are going to see to it that that ends quick fast and in a hurry.  All signs point to wretched Political Castration winning the day.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Resa LaRu Kirkland

Resa LaRu Kirkland--aka WARCHICK, the nickname given to her by her beloved Korean War Vets--is a military historian/conservative commentator.

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