Obama Spreading America’s Wealth–in Africa


We all have hopes and dreams for the future, even though sometimes they might be unrealistic.  I’ve often been called a dreamer for my aspirations, dreams, and goals. Humanity has a seemingly unquenchable thirst to advance and to make progress for their fellow man.  We should want to improve our lives; people have fought wars and died to offer a better life to future generations.

In South Africa a rousing and excited crowd came out with very large “welcome home” signs to meet Obama, as they were excited to meet America’s first biracial President.

Apartheid has been over in South Africa for about twenty years so one would think that Obama would offer words of encouragement and inspiration to the crowds that came far and wide to listen to him, especially the youth.  As part of his speech to the young people in Johannesburg South Africa, Obama chose not to mention the opportunities to the youth (although if they wanted, they could come to the United States and study here – free of course…).  Instead, Obama told the students in Johannesburg, South Africa,

“Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over — unless we find new ways of producing energy.”

So instead of a hope-inspiring speech which might ignite a flame to live a more prosperous lifestyle, these young Africans were basically told to forget working hard because you will never achieve anything—and if you do, it will offset the balance of the planet. How condescending and denigrating a speech to the African people.  But of course the liberal media did not report that.  What Obama could have said was:

“I spent many millions of American tax dollars to fly here to Africa on vacation. I will be staying in the most expensive hotels in Africa and have access to the very best money can buy–but you can’t have any of this unless you figure out how to use another form of energy other than the gas I used in Air Force One…” 

Whilst on this tour, Obama also encouraged people of South Africa to put country before self.   On every level I can completely relate and agree with that statement.  People fight and die to ensure the freedom for future generations, and have done so since the beginning of time.  Obama was speaking in South Africa about Nelson Mandela, and how Mandela put Africa before his own personal needs.   Mandela is a brave man who made positive changes against racism, choosing peace over force and murder.

Mandella once said, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”, which is something the American Government could heed today.

If Obama had an ounce of sincerity of putting country before self, why did he spend approximately 100 million dollars to take his entourage on a trip to Africa?  One hundred million dollars could possibly have stopped the furlough, which caused millions of Americans a loss of income!  It could have been money spent here in America—instead of Africa– thereby helping to strengthen the American economy (instead of Africa’s).

Country before self – which country is Obama talking about?

Beginning in 2014, more than 500 young leaders from Africa will come to the United States for mentoring and leadership training.  These funds are courtesy of Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, founded by Obama, with the hope to boost economic development in Africa.  Obama also pledged 7 million dollars to Africa, distributed over the next five years to improve their electrical power and to prevent blackouts.

Once again, Obama giving directives to another nation as to what they should do.  I believe this is just a ploy to continue the claim of global warming, (aka climate change, aka “weather”), and extract more money for his superfluous plans of running the world.   Perhaps because I’m a schoolteacher surrounded by children most of the time, all of this reminds me of the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, in which “Brain” is self-centered and scheming whilst “Pinky” is good-natured yet feebleminded.

Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”
The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”

Obama seems to think he’s unstoppable, and many perceive him to be a messiah of sorts.  For me, he is just a man of Kenyan descent who schemed his way into the most powerful office of the world but despite all his efforts, I do remain hopeful that the greatest nation on earth will survive his global onslaught and stay free.

Barbara Cook

Barbara J. Cook (Cookie) is enjoying living in the panhandle of Florida educating special needs children in a middle school (ask her about it sometime!). In order to de-stress, Barbara runs, reads, and writes, and yes, she cooks too: http://recipesbycooki.blogspot.com/ (that's another reason she runs!) She lives with her Mr. Cookie and chickens, dogs, cats and various others. Growing up in Europe as a child and spending several years as a military wife, Cookie learned to appreciate and respect diversity in people choosing to live by the phrase, agree to disagree. What is important to Cookie is family, faith, and fun. Cookie is involved in PolitiChicks because she says 'if we don't, who will?' Visit her website at: http://bjc.hubpages.com/ and https://www.asmileisallittakes.com

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