Obama, Gates, & Bloomberg: the Common Core of National Education Socialism

Poster_Common_Core_FIstThe Gates Foundation, Pearson Textbook Company, and former New York Mayor Bloomberg’s company InBloom, were all key players in concocting the Obama Administrations national education agenda. The result has been the inaccurate accusations that it is “corporate greed” that is behind Common Core Standards and Race To The Top.

It isn’t capitalism that they are pimping out: It’s socialism.

The Gates-Pearson-InBloom-Obama agenda touts state standards, “highly qualified” teachers in every classroom, and a thorough and comprehensive data collection program. Let’s just call Common Core really is: It is a federal hijacking of our children’s education, teacher effectiveness, and family privacy rights.

The standards themselves have lowers standards than it’s almost-as-awkward fed-policy predecessor, No Child Left Behind— which has been failing students in schools near you since 2001.

Failure of this magnitude wouldn’t be possible without first stripping good teachers of what they do best, which is to actually teach, and regulate their profession right out of effectiveness.

But hey, as long as the Department of Education can call them “highly qualified” under their tighty-whities-on-backwards education policies that have little to do with student achievement; it’s all good.

This is government at it’s finest, and Common Core Standards set by the U.S. Department of Education is just as oxymoronic as security leaks by the National Security Agency. And to top it all off, the “thorough and comprehensive data” is already being gathered by the government to build biometric profiles connected to individual students via retina scans and fingerprints without so much as notifying parents. This all possible because the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was quietly changed via executive orders while the public was paying attention to the Benghazi dust-up.

Now, let me tell you I don’t really care what Bill Gates and other famous folk do with their fortunes. Gates can wallpaper his john with hundred dollar bills for all I care. Stranger things have happened among the rich and famous.

Working hard and making a profit in America isn’t a crime. It is a moral imperative.

It is irresponsible for the community and our nation to assume that “others” should care for the needs of our own and our families through programs that are funded by forced collection of taxes.

Ditto to Bloomberg. Go capitalize on your fame, sell your book rights, build on your political career, or wear a meat-dress to the Oscars.

I don’t care. I might even pay for the meat-dress.

Sure, we can argue there are better investments these folks can do by giving back to their communities- especially regarding the suggestion of Bloomberg continuing his political career- but it is their money to spend how they choose.

However, the second these One Percenters assumed that their liberties should be greater than ours and assume the arrogance of lording decisions over us which belong to states and parents, we have a problem.

These folks might tell you it’s all about “the kids,” but in reality it is all about control. One can hardly believe that Gates is motivated by money anymore. Power yes.

At a reported networth of $88 billion, the same can be said as likely for Michael Bloomberg, who switched political affiliation in 20012 from Democrat to Republican just so he could run for New York mayoral office.

And that’s another problem we are seeing. While Common Core is loathed by many elected officials on both sides of the party spectrum, there are nuts in the party mix who, like Bloomberg, promote this program like it is the best thing since…well, No Child Left Behind.

Bloomberg has joined Gates and cohorts by building the government data collection program under a non-profit name called InBloom. It has been offered free to school districts across the country with one hush-hush caveat- InBloom will not guarantee that the children’s private information stays private. As a matter of fact, InBloom makes their income by selling the data to textbook companies, like Pearson, who print the curriculum assuring it is aligned with the government’s Common Core Standards.

And low expectations may be the least of the problems in those texts.

Utah parents recently discovered that newly approved Common Core “informational texts” include promotional books for the United Nations, The Highlander Research Institute”- a communist training Center, and a slew of democrat politicians hailed as heroes.

Question is: Are we buying it? Obama, Gates, and Bloomberg are banking on that they can buy off the states and the public by dangling technology bling and multi-billion-dollar fed grants. So far 46 states have accepted the standards.

But parents are fighting back demanding for career politicians to reverse these decisions and protect their personal constitutional and God-given liberties, proving once more that parents not politicians, are experts on what’s best for their kids.

Since Gates and Bloomberg are billionaires and Pearson a corporation, it is indeed easy to mistake the motivations for sinister capitalism. Which would entrench the problem further as the reaction by many would be to keep voting in Democrats and vote for increased free market regulations.

But all one needs to do is peel back the first layers to reveal the Obama Administration’s Education Agenda is clearly socialism at the core.

Karin Piper

Colorado PolitiChick Karin Piper is an award winning author and transparency expert specializing in education and union transparency. She provides policy tools necessary for parents, union memberis, teachers and decision makers to become informed consumers in the educational marketplace. She also serves as executive director of ParentledReform.org, an organization she helped found, and works with various other non-partisan likeminded organizations. Karin was a finalist for OGI's 2012 Burke-Carr Public Interest Awards and nominated as candidate for Charter School Friend of the Year in 2009. Her knowledge of state and federal open records laws and tireless advocacy for open union negotiations has been featured by major media outlets across the nation. Her debut book, CHARTER SCHOOLS: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents, was awarded a 2009 finalist in best books for parenting and education, by USA Book News and appeared in bookstores around the world. Born and raised in Sweden, she lives in Douglas County, Colorado, the epicenter of education reform. Karin is a frequently sought as a parental voice and expert opinion in response to much of today's political edu-rhetoric and legislation proposals. She has been interviewed by many news outlets, including CBS, NBC, KNUS, EdNews, Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, and many others.

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