Obama and the Smoking Gun

Smoking-Gun-550x418I have been hoping for a smoking gun–an intercepted email or memo from the President that is a telltale piece of proof to his involvement of fraudulent behavior (aka “crimes”) that no longer holds up to the label of scandal.  But now I realize I have been naïve to think this will be the case.

There will not be a tantalizing piece of evidence preserved as an American artifact under an armored guard at the Smithsonian, for future school children to see as the evidentiary document that brought down historical President #44.  Why you ask?  Because the President himself is the smoking gun.

I have been hoping for some incriminating evidence flowing from the White House that says- here this is what I did to steal the 2012 election from Governor Mitt Romney.  This is how I did it and this is who helped me.   But again, unfortunately for us this is not going to happen, because President Obama (like all good Chicago politicians) has strategically placed people into self-serving positions of power.  His cabinet works like department CEO’s as they go around the country buying off private and publically held corporations and his IRS employees act like thugs straight out of a Mafia movie production.

This President took over a steady 4-5 percent unemployment rate from President George W Bush and now has 8-9 percent of the country with no work.

The Smoking Gun-in-Chief may certainly be referred to as No-Drama-Obama but he leaves a dramatic wake of change behind him.  Amidst his first election campaign, American streets were dotted with his dreaded Hope and Change signs and stickers.

President Barack Hussein Obama did change our political foundation with unilateral decisions and thinly veiled deceit. He has changed the very core of our History (I did not realize it was even possible to do this) by bastardizing our institutions and becoming an ally with our Global enemies

And when it pertains to playing by the rule of law?  This President ripped the chapter about governmental checks and balances out of his ‘Job Description ‘Manuel, and threw it away.  He doesn’t want anyone to check him and no other opinion to balance him.  Lest we forget how our first black President was to rid our American landscape of ugly and divisive racism but instead, continues to flame the fires by making inappropriate statements like he did in regards to the death of Trayvon Martin.

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said. “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.”

This is not the first time the President has candidly made remarks about a racially charged headline.

In July of 2009, Cambridge Police arrested a black professor from Harvard University after they responded to a 911 call for breaking and entering.  Acknowledging that he did not know all the facts of the case or what role, if any, Gates’ race had played, Obama linked the incident to disparate treatment of minorities by police.

“I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.  And number three, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there is a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped . . . disproportionately,” the president said. “That’s just a fact.”

Our President is the smoking gun and as the years go by with his History in the making, he is sounding just like Hogan’s Heroes Sargent Schultz: “I know nothing!

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